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You may check your current balance by logging on to, or via the mySKY app. Just go to “Account Overview” inside the “My Profile” tab, and then choose the registered account you’d like to check. Press “View Full Bill” and then choose latest bill available to see your current bill.
Yes, you may settle your account via mobile banking. Refer to to see list of our partners.
Enroll to e-bill by registering your SKY account at Similarly, you can view your e-bill via the mySKY app. Just download it from Play Store or the App Store, and then register your SKY account.
  1. Your inbox could be full.
  2. It might be sent to your junk mail.
  3. The email address you registered isn't validated. To update your contact information, send us a message.
Your service will be temporarily disconnected, but can be reconnected within 24 hours upon settling of your bill.
We care about keeping you connected and worry-free. With our Extended Credit Arrangement, you may choose installment terms ranging from 2 to 6 months. Email us at to learn more, or inquire at your nearest SKY Zone or business center near you.
In the absence of a technical issue, disconnection may be due to non-payment of subscription fees. We advise our subscribers to to settle their account on or before their due date to avoid any inconveniences. For more billing information, download the mysky app and register your account, or visit
For your service connection to be restored, please ensure that balance has been paid in full. After paying in full, kindly send us proof of payment via email or Twitter and our Customer Care representative will get in touch with you to process your reconnection request. For your service connection be restored, please ensure that balance has been paid in full. Reconnection will automatically apply once payment has been posted in our system.
SKY has both online and offline payment facilities. Go to for the full list.
To avoid service interruption, we encourage you to pay on or before the billing due date located in your bill summary.
You may enroll directly to your bank. Go to for the full list.
Yes. For online payments, card holder must be able to provide the necessary card verification details. If you’re using a credit card to pay, the card holder must be present for over-the-counter payments.
It's best if you have your statement of account with you, but if it's not available, just provide them your SKY account number and your full name.
Have the check payable to SKY Cable Corporation. At the back, Write your 1) full name, 2) mobile number, and 3) SKY account number legibly.
Yes, but kindly provide a detailed breakdown of the payment intended for each account. This is to ensure that the correct amount is credited to the proper account.
Payment will be posted to the account 1 to 2 work day/s from date of payment if paid via over-the-counter bayad centers and online payment facilities. If paid via PesoPay, payment will be posted instantly.
You may get a copy of your statement of account via You can also enroll to e-bill to get it in your email. It's also viewable via the mySKY app.
It is important for you to know your monthly recurring billing due date to avoid the hassle of having no service when you need it the most.
Pro-ration of fees usually happens to reflect an accurate account of your billing in case your service order for upgrade/downgrade, transfer or reconnection of service was activated before or after your bill cut-off. This only means you are being charged for the proportionate pro-rated charges incurred upon activation of service order up to the cutoff of the bill. Your billing will normalize on your succeeding billing cycles.
This would be an extraordinary case that could have been caused by a system glitch. We hope for your understanding on this. To get your billing information, please email us at so we can assist you on this matter.
Kindly email us at or visit your nearest SKY Zone or SKY business center so we can assist you on this matter.

Paying for your Sky bill in advance saves you time in tracking and paying your bill. What’s more, you can also get great savings. You can enjoy 7 days free for quarterly payments, 15 free days for semi-annual payments and 30 days free for annual payments.

To request to change your account's payment scheme, send us a message at

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