SKY Fiber Mesh in black is used for Luzon and Metro Manila areas.

SKY Fiber Mesh

All our SKY Fiber plans now come with a SKY Fiber Mesh that makes your home free from dead zones!

Deadzones no more because of wider and leveled-up WiFi coverage at home
Helps you download files faster, connect online seamlessly, stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and music without interruption
SKY Fiber Mesh helps you improve your speed needed for various activities at home
You get full control of your WiFi system - manage speed and control on all the devices that can access the internet. From parent controls to guest password, the SKY Fiber Mesh has got it for you!
SKY Fiber Mesh in white is used for Visayas and Mindanao areas.

Already a SKY Fiber subscriber? Get a SKY Fiber Mesh for only ₱1,900/unit!


*An installation fee of ₱400/unit will apply

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SKY Fiber WiFi Mesh?
SKY Fiber WiFi Mesh is a device that is connected to your router to deliver strong WiFi connection and helps eliminate dead zones throughout your home.
What is the minimum speed subscription to avail of this device?
You will be able to use this WiFi mesh for Plans 20Mbps and up. For more information regarding the current SKY Fiber plans, visit
Will the SKY Fiber WiFi mesh increase my broadband speed?
Your broadband speed will still depend on the plan you are subscribed to. However, the SKY Fiber WiFi mesh will improve your experience and WiFi connection as it eliminates dead zones in your home.
Can I avail of a SKY Fiber Mesh as an add-on to my current SKY Fiber plan?
Yes, you may avail of it as an add-on for only ₱1,900/unit. For better experience, we recommend having at least two SKY Fiber Mesh units inside your home.
If I avail of the SKY Fiber WiFi Mesh today, will I have to pay upfront?
Payment for the add-on WiFi Mesh unit/s will be charged to your next SKY Fiber bill.
Can I use my SKY Fiber mesh with my other internet provider?
No. All WiFi meshes connected to any internet provider other than SKY Fiber will be detected and deactivated as part of our control system features.

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