Troubleshooting steps for solving cable and broadband issues.

Cable Troubleshooting

Check if your payment is up to date.
  • Login to your account to check on your current balance and payments.
Check the channel line up of your subscribed package
  • Go to plans and bundles to check on the available channels of your current package.

Check the cable connections
  • Check the cable if properly connected to the RF input of the digital box.
Check your TV Source
  • Go to your TV settings and check if the TV source, input, or AV is in the correct mode depending on where you plugged the digibox.
  • It could be that your Source setting is incorrect.

Check your Smart Card
  • Remove the Smart Card from the digibox and wipe the Gold Chip with a dry cloth.
  • Insert back the Smart Card and turn on your digibox again.

Broadband Troubleshooting

These steps explain the possible causes and troubleshooting steps that may help resolve the No Internet Connection issue.

Step 1

  1. Check if the cable modem's "Cable" or "Online" LED is steady ON.
    1. If it is OFF or blinking, make sure that the Coaxial and Power cable at the back of the cable modem are properly connected.
    2. If it is still OFF or just keeps blinking, please contact SKYbroadband Support for further assistance.
    3. If it turns ON but is still unable to connect to the Internet, please continue on following the steps below.
  2. Check if there's any loose connection or damaged cable from the modem to the affected computer and/or third-party router. Replace cables if necessary.
  3. Restart the third party router and/or the affected computer/device. If you're connecting through WiFi, make sure that the computer's WiFi adapter is enabled and the physical WiFi switch is turned ON.
    Note: If you're using a third-party router, please try connecting the affected computer directly to the Cable Modem using a good/working Ethernet cable (wired). This will isolate any possible networking device issue.
  4. If same issue persists, please proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

  1. Check the computer's network status and make necessary changes if needed.
    Note: Network status icon is usually found on the computer's system tray. Clicking or right-clicking on it will give us options on checking and changing the settings. Make sure that the Network Adapter is enabled and the status is Connected.
  2. If it shows Connected, open an Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) and browse popular websites (e.g.,, etc.) to check if the issue is still present.
  3. If possible, you may also check if you will get same result when using other Internet browsers and computers.
  4. You may also contact SKY Broadband Support for further assistance.

These steps explain the possible causes and troubleshooting steps may help resolve slow or intermittent Internet Connection issue.

  1. To get accurate test results, temporarily disconnect other devices or users connected to the network. If possible, use a computer that can be connected to the cable modem using an Ethernet (Patch/Ethernet) cable.
  2. Restart the cable modem by disconnecting it from the power source for 10 seconds. Restart the computer or device as well.
  3. Once the computer is connected to the Internet, open a web-browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.).
  4. Go to and select Metro Manila server Hosted by SKYbroadband to test your connection speed. speedtest
  5. If the speedtest result is normal (Example: 2.0+ Mbps for a 3Mbps Plan), try accessing websites such as or and observe the connection.
  6. If possible, check if you will get same result when using other web-browser and computer.
  7. If the issue still persists, please contact SKYbroadband Support for further assistance.

  • If the issue happens on a SINGLE computer in the network, you can have that device checked by a qualified computer technician.
  • If the issue happens ONLY when connected through WiFi, it could be due to interference with other wireless device/s (e.g. cordless phone, microwave oven, remote controlled device, etc.) or faulty networking equipment (e.g. Router, LAN Card, etc.).


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