4 Powerful Ways to Have a Bright New Beginning This 2021

January 16, 2021 01:40 PM

A spark of hope ignited in our hearts as soon as the clock struck 12 last New Year’s Eve since we were eager to have a bright new beginning after a challenging 2020. However far-fetched it is to claim that we have left everything behind as there is still the ongoing pandemic, this should not stop us from kick-starting 2021 with enthusiasm and courage. After all, we have emerged stronger and wiser after last year’s woes.

Here are some powerful tips to help you create a clean slate and have positive momentum this year:


If you are the star of your own upcoming movie or the hero of a new novel, what will be the theme of your story? Is it love, creativity, self-acceptance, coming of age, courage, or mental health?

Determining a theme establishes the meaning and purpose of a story. It also reflects the character’s experiences. Similarly, selecting a theme for the year 2021 can guide you in making meaningful decisions and in also choosing purposeful activities. You must keep in mind that the theme you select should be aligned with your goals, values, and priorities, to set a consistent direction.

For instance, if your goal is to earn more money to provide certain luxuries for your family, then your overall theme for 2021 is “Prosperity” or “Financial Freedom.” As you keep this in mind, you will be propelled to make wiser spending choices, learn more about different investment options or start an online business.

So, start thinking of a theme or even just one word that will inspire you this 2021!


Perhaps 2020 has made you more of a worrier or it brought out the rant monster in you. Or maybe you have been dealing with an unhealthyobsessionfor years. We all havebadhabitsthat we cannot seem to easily overcome.

But if you truly want to start anew, you must take the courage to let go of anything that is not beneficial to your overall well-being. The process of letting go starts with being self-aware and mindful as you identify everything that is not serving you. Once you have come to terms with your shortcomings, you now have the power to act. You can either instill discipline in controlling yourself or you can find a healthier alternative to your undesirable habit.

It may be easier said than done but you will be grateful in the long run as you see its positive impact. It will not even take a year to see changes since according to Dr. Maxwell Maltz, it only takes 21-days to form a new habit.


Most of your disappointment last year probably came from the fact that some of your plans were hindered by the pandemic. Plane tickets had to be refunded, parties were canceled, andmanyoutdoor activities wereprohibited.

But now that you know better and you have learned to adapt to the new normal, you ought to plan and set goals that will not be derailed by uncontrollable forces, such as the pandemic.

Create goals that are centered on aspects of your life that you can control such as your health, mental state, behavior, emotions, relationships, or home environment.

Having this mindset will save you from frustration even if the quarantine set-up will continue throughout 2021.


No matter what year it is, stress is always a possibility. On top of that, life sometimes gives unfortunate surprises. But what can make 2021 different is if we come prepared from the very beginning.

When it comes to handling stress, write down your stress triggers, and think of how you can address each one of them. In this way, you will instantly know how to relax when you encounter a difficult situation.

There are a lot of ways to de-stress such as exercising, meditating, walking, listening to music, seeking advice from others, or simply watching TV. It is just a matter of identifying what works for you and how you will incorporate it into your life.

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With these four tips, may you be inspired to create a bright new beginning this 2021! We also hope that SKY will also be a part of your year as it continuously creates innovative cable and broadband products.

Happy New Year, SKY Kapamilya!

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