Dear Valued Subscriber,

As we aim to provide you with the superior customer experience that you deserve, we have launched a touchpoint that can assist you with your service concerns in the most efficient and timely manner, and in a way that is also immediately and easily accessible to you.

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Here is our 24/7 messaging platform KYLA, who can assist you and provide quick and real-time response to your SKY service concerns:

  • Account Status and Bill Details
  • Billing Concerns
  • Payment Channels
  • E-Bill Enrollment
  • Box Refresh to access all channels in your channel lineup
  • Advisories on any ongoing service disruption in your area
  • Subscription Plan Application, Upgrade and/or Reconnection
  • Updates on latest promos and offers and more!

KYLA is now available to serve our subscribers nationwide. KYLA is accessible both on desktop and mobile devices via Viber, Facebook messenger and web browser.

Click any of the links below and type your query in English to begin a conversation with KYLA.

Here are some practical features of KYLA!

  • KYLA is always here to help. Your conversations with KYLA will not expire for 48 hours, allowing you to message her at your own pace.
  • KYLA can recognize and respond to intents and keywords in conversational English
  • KYLA can and will help you immediately address basic concerns and redirect you to self-help resources
  • KYLA can endorse you to live agents to help address more complex concerns
  • KYLA can accept image and video attachments of up to 5MB, enabling you to provide proofs of payment or identification and the like
hand-over heart KYLA

As we continue to adapt our business to the changing times, be assured that providing you, our dear subscribers, with the best experience remains foremost among our considerations. Rest assured that KYLA is always available to help you in real-time, 24/7!

Thank you, SKY Kapamilya!


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