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Multi-genre games perfect for all ages!

Play multiplayer games on any device!

Use your SKY Evo, Computer Web Browsers, Android or Google TV and Tablets!

Use your phones as gamepads!

Compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices

Get 6-months FREE AirConsole Hero Access as a SKY Fiber subscriber!

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Promo Period: May 18 to October 31, 2021.
DTI Number: DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-119008 Series of 2021

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Got anything you would like to ask?

Q: I am a SKYcable subscriber, can I access AirConsole?
A: Yes, if you are a SKYcable subscriber, you can get a FREE 30-day trial voucher to experience AirConsole Hero (paid subscription). Simply log-in to your MySKY account and visit mysky.com.ph/airconsolevoucher to claim your free voucher.
Q: I am a SKYcable subscriber and my free 30-day trial access has expired, how can I access AirConsole Hero?
A: You can continue to access AirConsole Hero by purchasing subscriptions via Google Play Store or App Store for only Php 249/30days or Php 629/1 year.
Q: I am not a SKY subscriber and do not have any subscriptions with SKY, can I access AirConsole?
A: AirConsole is available to everyone. No SKY subscription is needed to access AirConsole. You may subscribe to AirConsole directly via Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone to start accessing all of AirConsole’s game and multiplayer accessibilities.
Q: Do I need to buy a console or new device to be able to access AirConsole?
A: You do not need to buy a new console to be able to play games via AirConsole. You can simply use your current computer, Android/Google TVs and SKY Evo as your big screen and your mobile phones as your gamepads.
Q: Do I need to have an Internet connection to be able to access AirConsole?
A: Yes, you need an Internet connection to be able to access AirConsole.
Q: Is there any installation needed before I can access AirConsole?
A: You just simply need to install the AirConsole app on your mobile phone and go to AirConsole’s website airconsole.com on your computer or the AirConsole app on your Android/Google TV. Start pairing your mobile phones to AirConsole and start playing.
Q: How do I use the free 30-day trial voucher code?
  1. Download the AirConsole app on your phone from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Choose your preferred option to login and click ‘I got the connect code’.
  3. Use the numpad to enter your promo code. You are now a Hero and have premium accessto all the games and features on AirConsole!
  4. Open the AirConsole App on your TV orairconsole.comon your PC.
  5. Connect your phone to the screen by inputting the connect code on the number pad.
Q: How do I use or play AirConsole?
  1. Go toairconsole.comin your browser (Chrome recommended) or download the AirConsole app on your Android TV
  2. Click on ‘Start’ in the browser or open the app on your TV
  3. Download the AirConsole app on your phone and click on ‘Start playing AirConsole’
  4. Connect multiple phones to the same screen by inserting the connection code into the number pad on your phone
  5. Start playing AirConsole! Enjoy!
Q: What is the recommended Internet or bandwidth speed to be able to play AirConsole?
A: The recommended Internet or bandwidth speed is __mbps.
Q: I accidentally deleted the AirConsole App and I still have remaining premium access left, can I still install the AirConsole App and continue premium access?
A: Your premium access will be lost if you delete your AirConsole app on your mobile phone.
Q: Will I get charged by SKY on my AirConsole subscription?
A: No, Google Play Store or App Store will be charging you for the AirConsole subscription that you have availed.
Q: What is included in the AirConsole Hero (premium access)?
A: You can be able to access the full game library of AirConsole, access to unlimited multiplayers, access to recently launched games and ad-free experience.
Q: Can I transfer my premium subscription to another device?
A: Your premium account can be accessed via the devices where your Google account or Apple account is logged-in to.
Q: How can I cancel my AirConsole subscription?
A: You may modify or cancel your AirConsole subscription through your Google Play Store and App Store account subscriptions.
Q: I didn’t receive the AirConsole Pin, how can I resend it?
A: Kindly make sure to check your Junk or Spam folder first. You may also go to the AirConsole product page (https://mysky.com.ph/airconsolevoucher) and click on the “Lost your AirConsole PIN? Click here to resend.” link to resend your AirConsole PIN. If you still weren't able to receive it you may e-mail us at skyserves@myksy.com.ph so we can assist you.
Q: How many free vouchers can I avail?
A: You may only get one (1) free 30-day trial voucher per SKYcable account.
Q: How many times and devices can I use the free voucher?
A: You may use the free voucher once.