The NBA returns on Basketball TV!

November 09, 2015 09:16 AM

Hoop junkies rejoice as the premiere basketball league in the world makes its return in the 2015-16 NBA Season. As it has done for the past decade, Basketball TV will be there all throughout to bring Filipinos the sport they truly love.

Catch all the action only at the official broadcaster of the NBA in the Philippines, Basketball TV!

PROGRAM Airing Date Airing Time Replay
Golden State Warriors VS Utah Jazz 1-Dec 10am - Live 7pm
Memphis Grizzlies VS New Orleans Pelicans 2-Dec 9am - Live 7pm
Dallas Mavericks VS Portland Trail Blazers 2-Dec 11:30am - Via Sat 10:30pm
Milwaukee Bucks VS San Antonio Spurs 3-Dec 9:30am - Live 7pm
Oklahoma City Thunder VS Miami Heat 4-Dec 8am - Live 7pm
Indiana Pacers VS Portland Trail Blazers 4-Dec 11am - Live 10:30pm
Milwaukee Bucks VS Detroit Pistons 5-Dec 8:30am - Live 7pm
Charlotte Hornets VS Chicago Bulls 6-Dec 9am - Live 7pm
Dallas Mavericks VS Washington Wizards 7-Dec 7am - Live 7pm
Golden State Warriors VS Brooklyn Nets 7-Dec 9:30am - TD 11pm
Los Angeles Clippers VS Minnesota Timberwolves 8-Dec 9am - Live 7pm
Portland Trail Blazers VS Cleveland Cavaliers 9-Dec 8am - Live 7pm
Utah Jazz VS Sacramento Kings 9-Dec 11am - Live 10:30pm
Houston Rockets VS Washington Wizards 10-Dec 8am - Live 7pm
Atlanta Hawks VS Dallas Mavericks 10-Dec 10:30am - Live 10:30pm
Atlanta Hawks VS Oklahoma City Thunder 11-Dec 9am - Live 7pm
Oklahoma City Thunder VS Utah Jazz 12-Dec 10am - Live 7pm
Indiana Pacers VS Detroit Pistons 13-Dec 8:30am - Live 7pm
Philadelphia 76ers VS Toronto Raptors 14-Dec 7am - Live 7pm
Utah Jazz VS San Antonio Spurs 15-Dec 9:30am - Live 7pm
Denver Nuggets VS Minnesota Timberwolves 16-Dec 9am - Live 7pm
Milwaukee Bucks VS Los Angeles Clippers 17-Dec 11:30am - Live 7pm
Oklahoma City Thunder VS Cleveland Cavaliers 18-Dec 9am - Live 7pm
Toronto Raptors VS Charlotte Hornets 18-Dec 11:30am - TD 10:30pm
Toronto Raptors VS Miami Heat 19-Dec 9am - Live 7pm
New Orleans Pelicans VS Phoenix Suns 19-Dec 11:30am - Live 10:30pm
Indiana Pacers VS Memphis Grizzlies 20-Dec 9am - Live 7pm
Milwaukee Bucks VS Phoenix Suns 21-Dec 6am - Live 7pm
Portland Trail Blazers VS Atlanta Hawks 22-Dec 9am - Live 7pm
Los Angeles Lakers VS Denver Nuggets 23-Dec 10am - Live 7pm
San Antonio Spurs VS Minnesota Timberwolves 24-Dec 9am - Live 10:30pm
Utah Jazz VS Golden State Warriors 24-Dec 11:30am - Live 7pm
New Orleans Pelicans VS Miami Heat 26-Dec 1am - Live/9am - TD 10:30pm
Cleveland Cavaliers VS Golden State Warriors 26-Dec 6am - Live/11:30am - TD 7pm
New York Knicks VS Atlanta Hawks 27-Dec 8:30am - Live 10:30pm
Cleveland Cavaliers VS Portland Trail Blazers 27-Dec 11am - Live 7pm
Denver Nuggets VS Oklahoma City Thunder 28-Dec 8am - Live 7pm
Cleveland Cavaliers VS Phoenix Suns 29-Dec 10am - Live 7pm
Milwaukee Bucks VS Oklahoma City Thunder 30-Dec 9am - Live 7pm
Phoenix Suns VS San Antonio Spurs 31-Dec 9:30am - Live 7pm


Ch 33 - Metro Manila, Bulacan, Camanava/Rizal, Cavite, Laguna
Ch 302 - Bacolod, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Dumaguete, Gensan, Iloilo
Ch 24 - Batangas, Dagupan, Laoag, Naga, Tagum, Urdaneta, Zamboanga

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