Breakthrough, a global television event, premieres on National Geographic HD

November 09, 2015 05:55 PM

Air Crash Investigation S13


Revealing the dark truth that aviation safety improves one crash at a time, 'Air Crash Investigation 13' investigates legendary aviation disasters to find out what went wrong and why. Five of the episodes in the series will focus on infamous crashes involving celebrities.
Total Engine Failure: Premieres Tuesday, 24th November at 10pm



BREAKTHROUGH explores the remarkable scientific discoveries in brain science, longevity, water, energy, pandemics and cyborg technology. Lifesaving, mind-boggling innovation is a part of everyday life, so we sometimes take it for granted. It happens in the blink of an eye – on battlefields and playgrounds, in supercolliders and the International Space Station, in smart homes and smart cars. These are modern-day revolutions in how we live.
Fighting Pandemics: Premieres Saturday, 7th November at 10 pm
More Than Human: Premieres Saturday, 14th November at 10 pm
Decoding The Brain: Premieres Saturday, 21st November at 10 pm
The Age of Aging: Premieres Saturday, 28th November at 10 pm

Car SOS S3


Meet master mechanic Fuzz Townshend and radio and TV presenter Tim Shaw, a petrol-head pair who undertake dramatic automobile interventions across the UK, hoping to return some much-loved motors to their former glory. With a tight deadline to turn each job around without the owners knowing, find out how these neglected classics fell in need of a little loving care – and what Fuzz and Tim can do to get them back on the road.
E-Type Emergency: Premieres Wednesday, 25th November at 11pm

China to the World – Macan and the Eagle


High in the skies of western China, a giant eagle soars above the rugged landscape. As it spots a tiny wild rabbit, it swoops down at 300 kilometers per hour to grasp the hapless creature with its mighty claws. Itthen flies back to its master, and releases its prey. Macan has practiced falconry all his life. For over 1,500 years, the ethnic Kyrgyz have hunted like this on the vast land of Xinjiang along the ancient silk road. This tradition has been passed on from father to son, generation after generation. But due to rapid development and changing lifestyles, this custom is dying. As one of the last eagle trainers amongst his people, Macan teaches his son in an attempt to uphold the ancient way of life.
E-Type Emergency: Premieres Wednesday, 25th November at 11pm



Bill Nye is feeling down. He's visiting his therapist - Dr. Arnold Schwarzenegger - wondering why he just doesn't feel like himself lately. He's been trying to push past it, but he feels as if a horrible weight is on his shoulders, and life seems so empty, so meaningless. The therapist listens sympathetically, and diagnoses the cause: Bill is suffering from grief. Climate change grief. Thus begins the most unorthodox hour ever devoted to the subject of climate change. With the encouragement of Dr. Schwarzenegger, Bill Nye will walk through the five stages of climate change grief - from denial to acceptance - and along the way, he'll explore what's gone wrong with our planet and how we can start to turn things around.
Premieres Saturday, 28th November at 8pm

Man V. Viral


Man v. Viral sees funny man Tim draw on his engineering knowledge to manufacture challenges for Buddy based on web clips that have been watched hundreds of thousands of times. From waterskiing behind a high-speed ferry to playing tennis on an airplane wing during flight, this odd couple breaks down vital scientific principles to explain how amateur stuntmen from all over the world became viral sensations.
Tower Block Swing: Premieres Wednesday, 25th November at 10pm

Route Awakenings


Harry Yuan, a Californian adventurer/traveller returns to the land of his ancestors, China. He meanders through the heartland, guided by the country’s 2 longest rivers, the Yangzi and the Huang He or Yellow River. His mission is to explore whatever ancient cultures and traditions he meets on the way. His itinerary is not fixed but propelled by the people he meets. The Yangzi guides him from Shanghai to Daocheng in Sichuan via Wuhan and Shennong Stream. Leading his return trip is the Yellow river which takes him through Qinghai province to Inner Mongolia and finally, the cradle of Chinese civilisation in Shandong. This 6x30 min. series sees Harry engaging in a range of activities: action-based such as Tujia boat tracking, Tibetan horse riding and archery, Mongolian wrestling; animal handling of porpoise, alligators, yaks, and camels; and the artisanal art of Xuan paper, goat skin rafts, traditional Chinese lanterns and kites.
Episode 1: Premieres Thursday, 12th November at 10pm
Episode 2: Premieres Thursday, 12th November at 10:30pm
Episode 3: Premieres Thursday, 19th November at 10pm
Episode 4: Premieres Thursday, 19th November at 10:30pm
Episode 5: Premieres Thursday, 26th November at 10pm
Episode 6: Premieres Thursday, 26th November at 10:30pm

Science of Stupid S2


"Science of Stupid" returns for a second series. We love to watch other people make a mess of things- preferably in spectacular fashion. "Science of Stupid" reveals through science experts exactly how & why adventure turned to misadventure.
Ep. 32 Cats: Premieres Wednesday, 4th November at 10pm
Ep. 30: Premieres Wednesday, 4th November at 10:30pm
Ep. 33 Dogs: Premieres Wednesday, 11th November at 10pm
Ep. 29: Premieres Wednesday, 11th November at 10:30pm
Ep. 34 Wild: Premieres Wednesday, 18th November at 10pm

Ultimate Airport Dubai S3


Ultimate Airport Dubai 3 has unprecedented access to the world's busiest airport for international passengers, the home of Emirates, one of the world's largest airlines. The series will go behind the scenes to follow some of the 90,000 staff responsible for over 70 million passengers on 350,000 flights a year, 24 hours a day.
Episode 1: Premieres Thursday, 12th November at 9pm
Episode 2: Premieres Thursday, 19th November at 9pm
Episode 3: Premieres Thursday, 26th November at 9pm

Wicked Tuna: North vs. South S2


New England's best Bluefin tuna fishermen venture south to North Carolina's treacherous fishing grounds The Outer Banks, where they will battle the local fleet for the ocean's most lucrative prize. A single giant Bluefin can be worth more than $20,000, but the dangerous winter waters, small quaota and explosive rivalries make The Outer Banks, nicknamed "The Graveyard of the Atlantic", the most challenging place in the world to catch these elusive fish.
First Strike: Premieres Sunday, 1st November at 9pm
Bombs Away: Premieres Sunday, 8th November at 9pm
Fins of The Father: Premieres Thursday, 26th November at 9pm
Salty Gals And Southern Nights: Premieres Sunday, 22nd November at 9pm
Wicked Ride: Premieres Sunday, 29th November at 9pm

Yukon Gold S3


Yukon Gold Season 3 featured the return of miners Ken Foy and Guillaume Brodeur on Moose Creek, Karl Knutson and his dad Marty on Sulphur Creek, Big Al McGregor on Indian River, and introduced us to farmer turned miner Cam Johnson, and his family, working two claims at 10 Mile Creek. The stakes will continue to rise in Season 3, which promises more adventures, mishaps and crises, as well as some exciting changes. Three of the four camps will return, with one new camp added to the mix.
Fresh Start: Premieres Monday, 2nd November at 10pm
Game Changer: Premieres Monday, 9th November at 10pm
Time Crunch: Premieres Monday, 16th November at 10pm
Under Pressure: Premieres Monday, 23rd November at 10pm
Divine Intervention: PPremieres Monday, 30th November at 10pm


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