Asia-America Gateway (AAG) maintenance activity has no effect on SKY services

September 25, 2020 06:41 PM

We would like to assure our SKY subscribers that we have activated back-up capacity to support their essential connectivity requirements for working and learning from home. This aims to offset the potential effects of the emergency maintenance activity to be done by the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) on their subsea international cable systems, starting tomorrow, September 26 (Saturday) to September 30 (Wednesday).

Will SKY Fiber connection be affected and become intermittent because of this AAG maintenance activity?
No, we have activated of our back-up capacities to ensure that you get uninterrupted internet service during the AAG emergency maintenance activity.
Are video conferencing apps like Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, etc., affected?
No, the links to these application servers have been optimized and will not be affected by the AAG maintenance activity.
Will rebates be given because of this AAG activity?
As we have found solutions to ensure that the AAG activity will not disrupt your SKY service, there will be no rebates just for this.
Will SKYcable be affected by this AAG activity?
No, SKYcable service is not affected by this.
Do you have back-up plans similar to other telco providers?
Yes, we have our standard business contingency plans to ensure that both cable and internet services are not affected during partner emergency activities such as these.

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