7 Kids’ Shows to Watch this Summer

April 03, 2019 01:30 PM

School’s out, which means more time for quality family bonding moments. But with the weather steadily heating up to near unbearable temperatures, it’s best to stay indoors when it’s hottest.

Keep the boredom away and cool off with these 7 shows on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, packed with brand new adventures and refreshing new episodes.

Milo Murphy's Law (Season 2)

Disney Channel
April 1-5, Weekdays, 2:30PM (New Episode Week)
Remember Milo, the personification of Murphy’s Law, where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong? He's back, but this time with double the mayhem as his new housemate, Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb, will be joining in the chaos to the wild adventures of Milo and his friends.

Chop Chop Ninja

April 4, Thursdays, 7:00PM
Our lively, action-packed ninjas are back with brand new adventures at Chop Chop Ninja Academy. Led by Master Enoki, Iro and his three best friends tries to defend the Academy from any wrong doing, based on whatever training they have received. Which is really, not much!

Star vs. Forces of Evil (Season 4)

Disney Channel
April 12, Fridays, 2:30PM
Follow teen princess from another dimension Star Butterfly and her best friend Marco Diaz, as they continue their adventures in Mewni and explore other new dimensions. But as things start to change in the royal palace, Star slowly learns that running the kingdom is far more complicated than she has expected.

Ejen Ali

Disney Channel
April 15-19, Weekdays, 2:00PM (New Episode Week)
Fridays, 2:00PM (Regular Timeslot)
In this new season, Ejen Ali needs to earn his rights of being an agent by enrolling into M.A.T.A Training Academy where he will dive deeper into the world of spy and espionage.

The Loud House

April 15-19, Weekdays, 5:30PM
Over at the Loud household, when Lincoln finds out he has rituals, he is worried he is predictable so he vows to change it up. Also find out what happens when Lori heard that the golf coach from her dream college is coming to see her play!

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

April 28, Sundays, 7:00PM
New adventures and new ninja powers are on the rise for Raph, Leo, Donnie and Mikey. Check out all-new episodes this month, as the four brothers go on adventures where they end up tapping into mystic ninja powers.

Fast Layne

Disney Channel
Fridays, 10:00PM
Twelve-year-old over-achiever Layne finds her orderly life thrown into a tailspin when she discovers a sophisticated talking car named “VIN” hidden in an abandoned shed. With the help of her eccentric neighbour Zora, Layne embarks on a high-speed adventure filled with secret agents and other surprises as the girls set out to unlock the mystery behind VIN’s creation.



Disney Channel

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