12 Iconic Action and Sci-Fi Movie Characters You’ll Want on Your Team

July 05, 2018 10:38 AM

Sucker for those classic action and sci-fi movies? Cinemax is giving you one heck of a blast from the past, as they bring you action classic hits, and iconic sci-fi films for every day of July. We’re introducing you some of the twelve iconic fighters you’re bound to meet again one of these days. Fair warning, most of these folks are always down for a fight, whether it be with super guns from the future, or the good ol’ one-two.

1. Robin Hood, from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

July 14, Saturday, 3:40PM
JuLY 15, sunday, 9:35AM
july 23, monday, 6:00PM
july 29, SUNDAY, 11:40AM
A classic children’s fairytale character, this fighter has become a legendary trope, known for being a renegade who steals from the rich to give to the poor. Who else could it be, than good ol’ Robin Hood! While not all millennials might remember the movie, there’s no forgetting its Grammy Award-winning theme song. *cue music* “Everything I do…! I do it for you!”

2. The Narrator, from Fight Club

July 16, monday, 12:00AM
Hands down the ultimate cult classic – thank you for this masterpiece, David Fincher – this action hero doesn’t even have a name. They say some heroes’ true nemeses are themselves, but this guy sure takes that on a whole ‘nother (quite literal) level.

3. Casey Ryback, from Under Siege & Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

July 12, thursday, 7:20AM
july 25, wednesday, 2:20AM
july 14, saturday, 10:45PM
july 15, sunday, 1:25PM
july 24, tuesday, 8:10AM
If you’re ever on board the USS Missouri or aboard a scenic train trip, and terrorists try to take over, have no fear because Casey Ryback (played by the buff and tough Steven Seagal) right here knows how to whoop some bad guys’ butt. With this ex-Navy SEAL on board, you can be sure no terrorist will see the light of day.

4. Alice, from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

© 2016 Constantin Film Produktion GmbH. All Rights Reserved.​
July 20, friday, 11:25PM
If we’re talking about iconic fighters, Milla Jovovich’s Alice definitely must be in the list. While she’d been a bit overpowered for a lead character in a post-apocalyptic setting, Paul Anderson had toned down her character in this sixth instalment, opting for a nuclear bomb of a plot-twist in the end, which only cements Alice’s status as a truly fearsome warrior.

5. Selene, from Underworld & Underworld: Blood Wars

© 2017 Lakeshore Entertainment Group LLC. All Rights Reserved.
July 15, Sunday, 10:00PM
july 21, saturday, 1:10AM
july 26, thursday, 11:50PM
july 29, sunday, 2:05AM
july 22, sunday, 10:00PM
july 27, friday, 2:20AM
july 30, monday, 11:50PM
Another fearsome female is this vampire chick named Selene, played by Kate Beckinsale. Though her star-crossed love story with Michael Corvin is a bit common, she undoubtedly makes for a cool vampire assassin with just as much agency, and debatably just as badass as Alice.

6. Robert Clayton Dean, from Enemy of the State

© Touchstone Pictures
July 16, Monday, 10:00PM
july 17, tuesday, 7:45PM
july 21, saturday, 1:15PM
july 30, monday, 3:15AM
Sharp wits trump advanced spyware, as labor lawyer Clayton Dean shows in this conspiracy-ridden thriller. Played by Will Smith, this lawyer not only plays the convoluted game of bluff and false clues he’s suddenly thrust in, but even out-maneuvers his experienced enemies from the NSA. Clearly, nobody messes with this lawyer and gets away with it.

7. Alejandro Murrieta aka Zorro, from The Mask of Zorro

© 1998 Global Entertainment Productions GmbH & Co. KG. All Rights Reserved.
July 19, Thursday, 10:00PM
july 20, friday, 7:45PM
Having talked about the English vigilante Robin Hood, of course we cannot leave out his Mexican counterpart, Zorro. The horse-riding, masked vigilante, complete with his signature Z-shaped sword slash is as familiar, not to mention, as formidable a fighter, as Robin Hood.

8. Johnny English, from Johnny English

© 2003 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
July 20, Friday, 10:00PM
july 21, saturday, 5:00PM
july 29, sunday, 8:30PM
july 30, monday, 6:45PM
Rowan Atkinson’s always been iconic for being, well, Mr. Bean, with his just as iconic stuffed teddy bear. As an MI7 agent, Johnny English is just as goofy and hilariously clumsy, but proves he can still get the mission done – even though he may make many fumbles and errors along the way.

9. John Creasy, from Man on Fire

July 23, Monday, 10:00PM
july 24, tuesday, 7:35PM
july 28, saturday, 11:35AM
An ex-CIA Special Activities Division agent and U.S. Marine Corps Force Renaissance officer turned bodyguard, Creasy evidently knows more than his fair share of fighting. He’s such an intimidating character, which makes his eventual friendship with his nine-year-old charge that much more endearing.

10. Douglas Quaid, from Total Recall

July 26, Thursday, 10:00PM
july 30, monday, 7:20AM
Nothing says sci-fi fighter quite like Arnold Schwarzenegger, in this case as Douglas Quiad, the construction worker-slash-double agent. Whether his entire adventure was a dream or a fake memory, there is no doubt at least, of Quiad’s formidable strength.

11. Mike Williams, from Deepwater Horizon

Motion Picture Artwork @2016 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
July 29, Sunday, 10:00PM
july 30, monday, 8:15PM
Before he fought alongside the giant shape-shifting robots, Mark Wahlberg was Chief Electronics Technician Mike Williams, one of the survivors of a horrible, drilling rig explosion in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico (based on a very real disaster back in 2010). This guy may be more of a survivor than a fighter, but the extreme circumstances he faced earned him a spot on this list of tough guys you’d want on your side.

12. Will Salas, from In Time

july 13, friday, 2:15PM
july 19, thursday, 6:00AM
july 22, sunday, 2:15AM
july 29, sunday, 9:45AM
July 31, Tuesday, 10:00PM
Running a little late? This futuristic Robin Hood-wannabe gives out, not gold, but rather, stolen time to those in need. In this alternate universe where time is quite literally, gold, Will Salas (played by Justine Timberlake) proves a hefty amount of luck and wit (and a streak of daredevil) can get you from rags to riches.


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