SKY Serves Friendly safety procedures for SKY service teams

As various parts of the country transition to Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) such as Iloilo until August 8 and Metro Manila from August 6 to 20, or Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) such as Cebu until August 15, we remain committed to assisting you with your SKY service concerns.

In line with stricter quarantine protocols, our service teams will be on skeletal force and there may be delays or rescheduling of service visits.

With your safety in mind, we have implemented these safety procedures


1. A pre-work preparation procedure will be strictly followed

A call-out will be done prior to each visit to ensure no one in the home is feeling ill. We will reschedule the service visit as soon as we are sure the entire household is well enough to receive service teams into their homes.

Before entering your home, service technicians will make sure that their PPEs and other protective gear (includes face mask, disposable surgical gloves, and safety shoes plastic protection) are worn in the proper manner and sequence. They are then required to wash their hands and step in a footbath basin to disinfect their shoe soles.


2. A two-man team will be assigned to you

Two service technicians will be assigned to assist you for in-home servicing: one will work inside your home while one will simultaneously work outside to ensure proper physical distancing and less social interaction.


3. A post-work decontamination process will take place

After finishing their tasks, they will once again wash their hands and step in a footbath basin, prior to decontaminating their PPEs and tools. Used equipment will be properly stored in a plastic bag and utility box to be surrendered to our decontamination officer who will then conduct a thorough disinfecting procedure based on approved standards to ensure that PPEs and tools used are completely disinfected prior to home visitation.

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