SKYcable Opens a Free World of Learning On its 25th Year

September 17, 2015 09:59 AM

We can never put a price tag on the limitless value of education. It is what shapes our mind, and allows us to see and understand the world in a much clearer picture. That’s why it’s important to have access to what enriches the mind when we want it. Now thanks to SKY, all SKYcable and Destiny Cable digital postpaid subscribers can enjoy all learning channels in the SKYcable line-up from September 19 to 26, 2015. This is part of SKY’s 25th anniversary treat to all its subscribers, giving every family the opportunity to discover the world through science, technology, wildlife, and history – all in the comforts of home.

Infinite opportunities to learn await in the free channels offered by SKYcable this September. The Discovery Channel, Discover Science, and Discovery HD World channels provide in-depth looks into science and the natural world, while featuring documentaries on how the world and our societies work. The Animal Planet, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo People HD, and Nat Geo Wild channels offer a fun and more lighthearted approach in understanding wildlife, destinations, and cultures. History and H2 HD feature shows on global history, technology, and even pop culture.

These channels offer hit new shows and continue to celebrate enduring masterpieces of educational genres. How It’s Made on Discovery Science is among the longest running shows that focus on teaching viewers how our everyday items are conceptualized and produced by their manufacturers. The show goes deep into even the most intricate of processes, explaining everything in a level of detail that can be easily understood. Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel has forever redefined the reality series genre. Fans of the show are forever hooked by the gripping drama and real-life perils of making a living out at the open seas.

Continuing the line of great shows is Youtube Revolution on National Geographic Channel. This new series celebrates Youtube’s tenth year, highlighting how it has impacted global society from entertainment to even affecting the movers and shakers of the world. Epic America on Discovery Channel HD is a result of 3,000 days of filming across the Americas, giving viewers never-before-seen takes on America’s fierce, beautiful, and even ferocious landscape. Nat Geo Wild’s Animal Fight Club educates its audience on the truly feral side of wildlife, showing scenarios when Africa’s animals turn on each other, waging deadly wars on the scorching savannahs. On the happier end of the spectrum, we have Meet the Orangutans on Animal Planet. It’s a series revolving around the world’s oldest Orangutan Sanctuary – where Orangutans are nurtured, giving them a joyful and comfortable life.

Celebrating its 25th year this 2015, SKYcable rewards its subscribers with precious and priceless opportunities to learn more about the world. Subscribe to SKYcable today to experience these perks and more. Current SKYcable subscribers with the HD Digibox can experience all the HD learning channels. For subscribers without an HD Digibox, all they need to do is upgrade to gain full access to this rare treat.

Only SKYcable provides quality home entertainment with the widest-range of standard and high definition digital channels; with over 190 channels, and other top-of-the-line services such as flexible subscription options via SELECT; iRECORD that records, pauses, and rewinds live TV; as well as real-time coverage of live concerts and sporting events via FREE VIEW and PAY-PER-VIEW.

To subscribe and to know more about SKYcable, log on to, or call the 24-hour customer service hotlines at (02) 381-0000 for Metro Manila, CAMANAVA, and Rizal; (046) 484-4701 for Cavite; (049) 534-1555 for Calamba and Binan, Laguna; (02) 520-8560 for San Pedro, Laguna and Carmona, Cavite; (044) 693-5877 for Bulacan; (032) 421-1818 for Cebu; (082) 305-5456 for Davao; (074) 442-4841 for Baguio; (034) 432-0051 for Bacolod; (033) 300-1210 for Iloilo; (035) 225-1010 for Dumaguete; and (083) 301-3134 for Gen. Santos City.

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