Be Earth-friendly at Home in 5 Easy Steps

March 30, 2021 11:55 AM

As we commemorate Earth Day this April 22, let us make it our responsibility to become Earth-friendly citizens, starting with our little ways. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect countless lives, we can still heed our advocacy in saving our natural resources even while staying safely inside the comfort of our homes.

With this in mind, SKY shares five easy steps in becoming Earth warriors at home:

1) Lessen the use of paper

digital transactions

As we all know, paper is made through a series of rigorous processes but begins with cutting trees that clean the air around us. Let's do our part in saving the trees by lessening our paper consumption. With today's classes or work done at home via online means, make sure to type your notes on your computers, tablets, or smartphones, or jot them down in reused scrap paper to reduce its usage.

Also, did you know that going with digital transactions is one of the keys to lessening paper usage? Not only does going digital with our payments provide us with a safer and contactless solution for managing our affairs amid these times, but it also helps decrease the manufacture and use of more standard paper bills.

2) Practice the three Rs at home


Reduce, reuse, and recycle — the three Rs continue to be fool-proof ways to help Mother Earth and keep your home sustainable.

Reduce the amount of waste you produce, such as minimizing the throwing of food waste, practicing giving gifts without using excess packaging materials, using rechargeable batteries, and using an eco-bag to lessen the usage of plastic bags, among others.

Reuse materials for another purpose to lessen the need to buy more items; for example, using plastic bottles as makeshift pots for plants, repairing broken essentials rather than purchasing another one, and donating unwanted items to other people who would benefit from it.

Lastly, practice proper recycling rather than simply throwing away any waste. You can observe recycling by turning your food waste into useable compost for your plants, collecting paper, glass, and plastic trash, and hand it over to your nearest recycling service to repurpose them into new items.

3) Save water and energy

save energy

Water and energy have become essentials in our daily lives, and we must not waste these before all of them become difficult to find. Not only will conserving water and energy help save our monthly utility bills, but it is also part taking care of our valuable resources.

Always make a drop of water count and we can do this through simple means—from using a pail and bucket instead of running the shower when we take a bath, regularly checking the faucet for possible leaks, to turning off the water while we brush or shave.

As for saving our energy resources, you can start with drying clothes in the open air instead of using mechanical dryers that consume lots of electricity, making sure that all switches are turned off and plugs pulled when an appliance or device is not being used, walking or biking while traveling short distances instead of using a car, to using hand-operated tools.

4) Be a plant parent


Join the indoor trend of becoming a plantita/tito. Aside from its benefits of having green spaces to our mental wellbeing, caring for plants keeps our surroundings fresh and clean. Also, join online tree-planting campaigns to help restore the beauty of our forests for a healthier ecosystem and to combat the dangers of climate change.

5) Enlighten your loved ones on sustainable efforts

It all begins with oneself, and we have to promote this lifestyle to our friends and family to propagate these planet-saving initiatives. Enlighten your loved ones by watching with them meaningful documentaries on the harsh effects of climate change and pollution and discuss how we could solve these problems. Search for more insightful tips to maintain a sustainable environment through the internet, or begin your online campaign to spread awareness on these pressing matters. Use your voice and reason to save Mother Earth.

Along the way in your journey to saving the planet in our homes, SKY is with you every step of the way to help fulfill your eco-friendly duties. With the leveled-up SKY Fiber internet plans, you get even faster speeds at the same affordable prices such as a 40Mbps connection for only ₱1,499/month, allowing you to conduct digital transactions, gather additional information online hassle-free, and no need to wait longer for loading times that keep our devices on and consume more energy.

You can also watch inspiring stories on conservation such as the struggle to protect the ocean’s seals in Animal Planet’s Huntwatch narrated by Ryan Reynolds (premieres Apr 29, Thursday 9pm ) and the work that goes into protecting the ocean’s fragile ecosystems in National Geographic Channel’s Heroes of the Ocean (April 22, 8PM) among others on cable TV and as well as stream related content via video-on-demand sites such as "The Minimalists: Less Is Now" on Netflix, "The House Detox" on Viu plans, and more.

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