VIU & SKY Fiber continue to thrill and excite: 8 Shows to Enjoy on VIU

June 17, 2020 02:02 PM

We may experience some changes in the way we live but one thing remains the same: we can’t get enough of Asian dramas to entertain ourselves. Lucky for us, VIU has a wide variety of Asian content. On top of this, VIU has partnered with SKY Fiber to offer a deal that nobody can resist: First 3 months of VIU Premium is on SKY Fiber! This offer is open to new and existing SKY Fiber subscribers nationwide with speeds of 15Mbps and up.

New subscribers can avail of this offer within 60 days from the date of SKY Fiber installation, while existing subscribers can redeem this until September 30, 2020.

Don’t miss this special treat so that you can enjoy these shows and films without spending additional on your first 3-month subscription on VIU. Click here to know more about this great offer!


A World of Married Couple

One of the highest-rated K-dramas in 2020, “A World of Married Couple” delves deep into marital problems, small-town culture, and complex family relationships. The story focuses on an accomplished doctor, Dr. Ji Sun-woo, whose picture perfect life is shattered by her husband’s infidelity. But through this experience, she finds strength to fight for what is hers and to plot revenge to those who have hurt her.

When my Love Blooms

Han Jae-Hyun unexpectedly meets his first love, Yoon Ji-Soo, after being separated from her for twenty years. They now lead different lives, Han Jae-hyun as a successful businessman while Yoon Ji-Soo as a struggling single mom. But fate has given them a second chance to rekindle their relationship and to test their love as they get to know each other again.


Sweet Munchies

Park Jin-Sung is a chef and restaurateur who got famous when he started hosting his variety show called “Midnight Snack Couple”. He gets involved with the show’s producer Kim Ah Jin, a bright and bubbly woman. Thrown into the mix is Kang Tae Wan, a successful fashion designer who becomes Park Jin-Sung’s stylist in the show. As the three work together, an unlikely love triangle takes place.


Man of Men

Jang-soo discovers that his days are numbered due to a medical diagnosis. As he clings on to life, he offers Young-ki, a repentant gangster, to help him accomplish his life goals before it is too late.


Beasts Clawing at Straws

This film revolves around the interconnected relationship of three people, Joong-Man, Tae Young, and Mi Ran, and their financial troubles. Joong-Man, a part-time worker at a bath house, struggles to make ends meet for his sick mom but suddenly finds a bag of cash in the locker room. Meanwhile, Tae Young finds himself in a difficult position when his girlfriend runs away with a loaned money and Mi Ran is caught between her husband’s abuse and low-paying stint as a bar hostess.


Road to Kingdom

Hosted by Lee Da Hee and Jang Sung Kyu, this variety show features a competition between male singers. All contestants will release a song on the same day and the winner is determined by the ranking in music charts.


My Bubble Tea

A love-struck woman creates a magical bubble tea brew to win over her boss. Unfortunately, the man she hates consumes the bubble tea instead. As the effect of the magic kicks in, a funny and tangled love triangle ensues.

Pretty Little Liars

This Indonesian teen web drama television series is a remake of the American television series, Pretty Little Liars. Based on the book series of the same name by Sara Shepard, it follows the lives of four female students whose clique falls apart when their leader, Alissa goes mysteriously missing. A year later, Hanna, Ema, Sabrina and Aria find themselves reunited when they begin to receive messages from a shadowy figure known as "A" who threatens to expose their darkest secrets.

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