New Channel FilmBox Art House is Perfect for Hardcore Cine-Philes May

May 09, 2019 01:22 PM

There’s a new channel joining the massive collection on SKYcable Select, and it’s one that film critics and movie buffs will absolutely love.


FilmBox Art House provides a 24/7 program of classic masterpieces from some of the most renowned movie directors of all time, as well as film festival favorites and awardees from all over the world. Also included in their massive collection are contemporary works from independent filmmakers and directors, including short films and documentaries.

A true movie buff haven, FilmBox Art House airs special presentations dedicated to a particular creative movement – from German Expressionism, to New Romanian Cinema – or an outstanding filmmaker – including the works of Hitchcock, Kurosawa, and many others.

Curious? Check out some of FilmBox Art House's major offerings by choosing to add this channel on your subscription via SKYcable Select for only P20/mo.

Dog Men (2014)

Sci-Fi | Directed by Dario & Mirko Bischofberger
Switzerland & Italy
May 12, Sunday, 9:30AM

A science-fiction story about hunting and being hunted, about extinction and survival, about dogs - and men.

In a not-too-distant future only a few homo sapiens are left. Struggling for survival they are forced to hunt the last remaining animals in the peripheral ruins of an advanced human civilization. But they are unaware of being stalked themselves by a mysterious scanner.

The Exterminating Angel (1962)

Comedy, Experimental | Directed by Luis Bunuel
May 13, Monday, 8:00AM

A satirical film that suggests the savage instincts of the aristocrats.

In an opulent dinner party, guests find themselves mysteriously incapable of leaving. As days go by and they run out of food and water, panic and madness set in.

Tune in to these, and even more cinematic masterpieces, on FilmBox Art House, now available on SKYcable Select.


Filmbox Arthouse

SD Ch 83 - Metro Manila, CAMANAVA, Rizal, South Luzon


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