Live, Love, Lead: A TLC Femme Fest

May 03, 2019 01:28 PM

SKY and TLC bring together the women of today in LIVE LOVE LEAD: A TLC Femme Fest this May 12, Sunday, 11AM. This event will let them inspire each other while discovering, creating, and having fun in femme-powered activities.

The "LIVE" zone features activities that will help the ladies prep and plan time-saving and healthy recipes to look good and feel good.

The "LOVE" activities will add a layer of fun into self-care and bring out the sense of empowerment to every woman. In this zone, new hobbies and activities will be introduced to them to become the most confident versions of themselves.

The "LEAD" area is where the ladies may practice their power to lead change through creativity as they create something new and purposeful out of what is mostly considered unusable.

Event Date
MAY 12, 2019
Event Venue
The Block SM North