5 Reasons Why You Should Get the New SKY Fiber Super Speed Plans

April 27, 2021 02:41 PM

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An internet connection is very important nowadays. Not just any internet connection, though, but a fast and stable one, as we use it for work, online studies, business, and entertainment. Having one though can be tricky as there are many options to choose from, one thing is clear, we want something that is fast, has unlimited data, and affordable. And the Sky Fiber Super Speed Plans are just one of them.

1. Fast and affordable

Sky Fiber’s Super Speed Plans have been around for 3 years now but they recently gave it an upgrade, meaning they doubled the download speed of the current plans for the same price. For example, the previous Unli Broadband 10 Mbps Plan for PHP 999 a month, is now 20 Mbps. Those under the Unli Broadband + HD Cable TV Plan will now get 10 Mbps for PHP 999 a month, from the previous 5 Mbps, plus over 40 cable channels. This is great news as customers don’t have to spend more just to get faster speeds, which in turn can help them with their budget.

2. Unlimited Data

While it’s great to have a fast and stable internet speed, the experience can be limiting if your data is also limited. It’s like driving a fast car but quickly runs out of gas before your reach your destination. While some ISPs offer to let you purchase additional data, it’s an added expense and you’ll still hit your limit. You won’t have the problem with the Sky Fiber Super Speed Plans, though, as it offers unlimited data, meaning you don’t have to worry about exceeding monthly limits so you can stream, download, and have hi-res Zoom calls all you want and you won’t be interrupted. You can even throw in gaming there and download all the games if you want to, it’s unlimited.

3. Varied Plans

While the Sky Fiber Super Speed Plans start at an affordable PHP 999 a month, those with bigger budgets and in need of faster speeds can avail of a plan suitable to their needs. Check them out below.


Given the variety of plans available, subscribers can choose the right plan depending on their budget and needs. Those who are just using the internet mainly for work, studies, and light entertainment can go for more affordable plans. While those who download huge files frequently and stream in the highest resolution possible can opt for up to 200Mbps.

4. Optional Add-ons

Sky Fiber also allows its customers to improve their fast internet experiences with video-on-demand add-ons. They can also get the Sky Cable Lite that offers an HD TV channels with no extra monthly fees, Viu subscription for PHP 99 a month which gives you access to your favorite Asia shows, HBO Go for as low as PHP 99 a month to get access to your favorite HBO channels and movies, and Netflix starting at PHP 149 a month so you can stream exclusive shows and movies on the platform.

Another add on is Vivamax, which is Viva Entertainment’s newest streaming app that offers subscribers access to its vast library of Philippine and Hollywood movies, K-Dramas, concerts, documentaries, and others for only PHP 149 a month, which SKYcable or SKY Fiber subscribers can charge to their monthly billing.

5. Wide Availability

Sky Fiber Super Speed Plans are available across the Philippines, particularly in cities in Metro Manila, South Luzon, North Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Check them out below.

So, if you’re ready to experience faster internet speeds for your work from home, virtual classes, online business, and home entertainment streaming needs, go for the Sky Fiber Super Speed Plans. It has a wide variety of plans available, so you can be practical with your spending. You might even save some cash if you’re spending more for the same speed on your current broadband plan.

If you want to know more, about the Sky Fiber Super Speed Plans, visit this link here.

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