Your bill (or Statement of Account), is a document that lists all the transactions in your SKY account for the period it covers.  This will serve as your reference for  the amount of your payables to SKY.

Your SKY bill contains the following information:

Billing Address
Indicates where all your billing notices will be delivered to.
Account Number
A unique 9-digit number assigned only to you. Keep this handy as this will be required for all your transactions with SKY.
Due Date
Deadline for paying your bills.
Total Amount Due
Indicates the total amount that should be paid on or before your due date.
Balance from Last Bill
Shows the balance from your last bill that must be paid immediately to avoid disconnection.
Current Charges
Shows the amount of your subscriptions for the current period.
Total Current Charges
Reflects the total of the amounts due for the current period.
Important information that are updated monthly.

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