7 Reasons to Watch These 7 Great RomComs on CinemaWorld This Valentines

February 07, 2018 05:05 PM

A lot of hopeless romantics and love-story enthusiasts always get flak for liking romantic comedies and chick flicks. But it’s not complete nonsense, and we’ve got seven reasons why.

1. There’s just something about the many ways people meet, and just…click.

Like Gabriel and Emilie in this 2007 French film, "Shall We Kiss"? A chance meeting, an innocent first kiss – and more that follow – and how things can spiral out of control, when people meet someone they’re so compatible with.

Feb 14, 9:00PM

2. Although slow burns – all that sexual tension and affection stretched and grown over a long period of time – are arguably more fun to watch.

This South African power couple is back to redefine "Forever" – aka, the length of time it took for them to finally get together. If there’s a movie definition for slow burn, then this movie is it.

Feb 18, 9:00PM

3. It’s not just about those moments when one of them acts out of character, in a grand – and totally swoon-worthy – gesture of love.

The best part about this hilarious romcom is how perfect these are for all the single ladies struggling to find their perfect match, with the help of friends and the Internet. Watch "Man of My Dreams," featuring award winning German actresses Herfuth and Herzsprung.

Feb 12, 9:00PM

4. It’s also largely about growing up, facing fears, and going the extra mile, to get the Love of Your Life™.

Love Is in the Air is every bit Yann’s coming-of-age story as it is his love story. His struggle to get over his severe phobia of flying, just to stay together with his second chance at love? It’s endearing, is what it is. Go for it, Yann!

Feb 13, 9:00PM

5. And it’s often incredible, (and sometimes bizarre and downright scary) the things they will do in the name of love.

Crazy over Audrey Tatou? This might be one of her best performances yet, as her character becomes crazily in love with a married doctor in "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not". And by crazy, we mean crazy.

Feb 17, 9:00PM

6. It’s not even so much about the Epic Kissing Scene, as that Look – that bridging of distance between two people, when they finally realize they’re both in love with each other.

This one takes an entire road trip before the epic kiss happens between young businessman Basson and bohemian girl Amory. The distance they cross as they journey to Cape Town isn’t just a physical one, but also a metaphorical one in “Road to Your Heart”.

Feb 16, 9:00PM

7. But of course, we can’t leave out the Epic Kissing Scene™. (It’s practically required.)

When Ben, a mechanic, falls in love with his boss’s daughter, he kicks up a ruse to impress her. But once the antics and shenanigans are over and done with, the kiss he shares with Linda is sweet and true, in "She is Like Spring".

Feb 15, 9:00PM

Bottom line is, good love stories just make you feel good – about love, and about life in general – and you don’t have to be in a relationship to feel it. Catch the feels with this week long romance film fest every night at 9:00PM, from February 12 ‘til February 18, on CinemaWorld.


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