3 non-conventional ways to fill your February with love from SKY Fiber

February 07, 2023 10:07 AM

With Valentine’s just around the corner, don’t stress out too much about how you’ll celebrate with your special someone. Going simple but heartfelt is always a nice gesture, so why not consider having a date at home with a unique activity? Whether you’re together in the house or physically far apart, you two can purely enjoy each other’s company and grow closer to one another.

This is also a great idea to build up the anticipation without splurging much more if you have a grand Valentine’s surprise on the way. As long as you havefast, reliable, and affordable internet at home like SKY Fiber, you can set up lag-free virtual dates or seamlessly explore new online activities together.

Select SKY FiberSuper Speed Plans even have improved speed boosts until May 31 such as the 50Mbps Unli Broadband Plan (P1,699/month) that’s boosted up to 150Mbps at no additional cost until the end of May.

Spice up your date night at home by trying out these activities:

Go around the world on virtual museum tours

Museum-hopping is much easier now with various virtual tours. And you don’t have to stick with the local attractions because several museums around the world have gone digital. Not only will you and your partner enjoy the beautiful art on display, but you’ll also learn the history and culture of different countries as if you traveled there.

Awaken your inner children with online games

No boardgames, no problem. A quick search online can open up several games that can spark theplayful spirit inside you both. Explore games where you team up as well as those where you go against each other. That way, you can level up your teamwork and get to know your partner's more competitive side.

Get to know each other with fun internet quizzes

Which fruitare you based on your favorite movies? Which ice cream flavor best suits your music taste?These whimsical questions can be answered by quizzes you can find on the internet. Take them with your significant other and laugh about the answers you get. You can also try online personality and compatibility tests to understand each other more deeply.

Enjoy these bonding moments with a sweet treat from SKY Fiber.Those that apply online to select Super Speed Plans until March 31 can get up to P400 free Mang Inasal e-GCs.

Subscribe to a SKY Fiber Super Speed Plan via the official website or through SKY’s 24/7 assistant KYLA on the website, Viber, or Messenger.

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