ABS-CBN is now available in HD!

October 02, 2015 02:00 PM

Good news! On October 3, 2015, ABS-CBN HD, the first and only free-TV channel in HD will launch on SKYcable and Destiny Cable!

Enjoy ABS-CBN HD on Ch. 167 (previously Balls HD) for Metro Manila, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan (San Jose Del Monte) and Ch. 700 for Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, Baguio.

With this, Balls HD moves to its new home on Ch. 195 for Metro Manila, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan (San Jose Del Monte) and Ch. 701 for for Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, Baguio.

ABS-CBN HD is available to subscribers with HD boxes only.

Upgrade your box now to start enjoying your favorite ABS-CBN shows in High Definition.


Now, all subscribers with HD boxes will be able to enjoy these Kapamilya shows in HD!

Ningning on ABS-CBN HD


Born in a small, secluded and beautiful Isla Baybay, Maningning "Ningning" Angeles (Jana Agoncillo) grows up sorrounded, not only by breath-taking scenes, but also with simple and joyful neighbors and parents-- Dondon, Lovely and Lola Mamay. One day, Isla Baybay is hit by a strong typhoon. Trying their luck, this prompts Ningning's family to move to Manila. Now as they face the challenges of living in the city, Ningning slowly loses her eye-sight. Will this lead to Ningning's blindness? How will a young girl like Ningning live a life in darkness?

Doble Kara on ABS-CBN HD


This is the story of Sarah and Kara (both played by Julia Montes), twin sisters who grows up in a happy family despite being poor. However, when Kara is diagnosed of leukemia, the twins’ mother is forced to separate the two and give Kara to her real father because they don’t have the money for her treatments. What will Sarah and Kara do when fate brings them back together after many years? How will the sisters’ relationship change after they grew up having different lives?

All of Me on ABS-CBN HD


Manuel (Albert Martinez) a devoted doctor, decides to leave his flourishing career behind by living in an island after his wife dies. He meets Lena (Yen Santos), a young woman who boldly challenges him to embrace life again and despite the age gap, they find themselves in love. During their honeymoon in the island, a hired killer tries to kill Manuel, but he escapes death when he stumbles upon a magic portal that transforms him back to his younger self. Now, a younger Manuel (JM de Guzman) who discovers that time has advanced faces another big challenge in his life – to seek revenge and win back Lena who is now happily married to his former protégé, Dr. Henry Nieves (Aaron Villaflor) or forget her entirely and start a brand new chapter of his life. How far will Manuel be willing to go for his true love?

Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita on ABS-CBN HD


Cecilia (Vina Morales) grew up believing in the magic of love, but her father’s betrayal destroys her enchanted outlook on life. Then she meets Leandro (Christian Vasquez), who promises her boundless love. However, like her father, he also fails to keep his promises and betrays her with another woman, Toni (Denise Laurel). Shunning him from her life, she raises their two daughters, Corrine (Jane Oineza) and Bea (Loisa Andalio), all by herself. Eight years later, Leandro reappears in her life, as Corrine, never stopped looking for him. He now lives a luxurious life with Toni, but is ready to continue being a father to his daughters, whose needs have expanded beyond Cecilia’s financial capability. Cecilia is not ready to forgive her husband, nor the daughter who brought him back to their lives. Her bitterness soon drives everyone to abandon her, and only a forgiving heart can bring them all back.

Pasion De Amor on ABS-CBN HD


Despite being orphans at an early age, the Samonte siblings namely Juan (Jake Cuenca), Oscar (Ejay Falcon), Franco (Joseph Marco) and Olivia (Ingrid Dela Paz) grew up filled with love in their hearts and tightly knit as a family. One mistake would change their lives when Olivia fell in love with rich and married haciendero Bernardo Elizondo (Ronaldo Valdez). After learning about her husband’s infidelity, Gabriela (Teresa Loyzaga) seeks revenge and only Olivia and Bernardo’s death can appease her. Gabriela proceeds with her plans and succeeds in getting rid of the two. The Samonte brothers, meanwhile, get so devastated with what happened to their youngest sister that they vowed to do everything in their power just to avenge her. In order for them to do this, they step inside Hacienda Elizondo and with their irresistible charms and manly physiques, the three seduce and make Bernardo and Gabriela’s daughters Norma (Arci Muñoz), Sari (Ellen Adarna) and Jamie (Coleen Garcia) fall in love with them. Can Juan, Oscar, and Franco succeed in their plan to manipulate the Elizondo sisters in their hands? How far will revenge and anger take them? In a battle where love is their greatest revenge, will love also be the cure to end their pain?

Ang Probinsiyano on ABS-CBN HD


Follow the journey of twins Ador and Cardo (both played by Coco Martin), who were estranged from each other by financial reasons even as they followed the path of law enforcement. Ador was a celebrated police officer, with a loving family as his support. Cardo on the other hand, loves the solitude of the mountains as a Special Actions Forces Trooper. Their lives take a turn when Ador gets himself entangled in a syndicate which leaves him dead. To cover for this fact, Cardo was ordered to become his brother, family and all, and be re-united with the grandmother whom he detests. How will Cardo fit in with the life of his brother, Ador, which is an entire world’s difference from the one he used to live? Will he ever get the chance to avenge his brother and the loss the syndicate dealt to their family?

Pangako Sa'Yo on ABS-CBN HD


The promise of love begins with a simple, aspirational girl, Amor de Jesus (Jodi Sta. Maria), who fell in love with a rich man, Eduardo Buenavista (Ian Veneracion). Their whirlwind romance bore a child but was put to an end after all the challenges and objection of Eduardo’s affluent family. Amor loses all hope when Eduardo marries Claudia Salameda (Angelica Panganiban) and her daughter, Maria Amor, dies. Years passed and Amor’s daughter turns out to be alive and will grow up as Yna Macaspac (Kathryn Bernardo). Yna meets Eduardo and Claudia’s son, Angelo Buenavista (Daniel Padilla), and falls in love. Amor returns to the Philippines as Amor Powers. She tries to avenge the death of her daughter by destroying Eduardo’s life and family, which unwittingly will hurt her own daughter, Yna, in the process. An all-out war begins between Amor Powers and Claudia Buenavista. Will Angelo and Yna’s love suffer the same fate as Amor and Eduardo’s?

On The Wings of Love on ABS-CBN HD


Leah (Nadine Lustre) is a young woman who wants nothing but to go to America so she can help her family. While Clark (James Reid) is a young man living in America who wants to give his siblings in the Philippines a good life after their mother died. As Leah begins to live her American dream, she faces a big problem when she realizes that her visa is about to expire. To remain living in the US, Leah makes an agreement to marry Clark, who is an American citizen, in exchange of money that he greatly needs. How will Clark and Leah’s arrangement to pretend as a couple, who loves each other, change their entire lives? What will they do when they find themselves falling in love with each other? Will it fulfill or hinder their dreams?

Maalaala Mo Kaya on ABS-CBN HD


Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) is dubbed as the longest-running drama anthology on Philippine television with Charo Santos - Concio narrating real-life stories of ordinary people in this award-winning masterpiece that takes pride of its well-crafted storylines, excellent performances and topnotch production details. For over two decades, Filipinos from all walks of life from all over the world send in letters, sharing life lessons learned from personal experiences.



A revival of the classic 1997 series, Wansapanataym is a Filipino Fantasy Anthology that follows the stories of everyday people as they encounter myth and magic and how their lives are forever changed by their adventures with the otherworldly.



The longest running, multi-award winning musical variety show in the Philippines, ASAP is a music concert program that features the best musical talent the country has to offer. Packed with the brightest superstar performers, record breakers, multi-award winning artists, and chart toppers, this is a benchmark in entertainment programming you cannot afford to miss! Invited Ka! Maki-party na!

ABS-CBN HD is available to subscribers with HD boxes only.

Upgrade your box now to start enjoying your favorite ABS-CBN shows in High Definition.


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