10 Types of Game of Thrones Fans

March 05, 2019 10:21 AM

Since 2011, every season premiere has become the highlight of every year – which made 2018 a terribly long and difficult summer for many fans. But now, at last, the wait is over as the next and final season of HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones, premieres on April 15, Monday, at 9:00AM.

Already, fans are doing everything in preparation #ForTheThrone. There are those who are binge-watching all seasons end-to-end, those that are organizing their own season premiere watch parties, and those busy immersing themselves with season 8 theories, to name a few. And with such a huge fandom, especially here in the Philippines alone, it is just natural to have different types of of GOT fans.

The question is, which type are you?

1. The Die-Hard Fan

You’ve been here since Season 1, and you may or may not have amassed an impressive collection of merch, and followed every single Game of Thrones blog and social media account. You always make sure you’re sat on the couch in front of the TV screen 5 minutes before every episode premiere. You've even set alarms, and Google Calendar reminders for it - because gods (both the old and the new) forbid you miss an episode.

2. The Bloodthirsty Fan

The Game of Thrones is a messy, bloody game – and that might be its best selling point for you. All the scheming and backstabbing tend to bore you; you’d rather they just go straight to the cutting. You’re not exactly queasy about all the blood.

3. The Skin-show Enthusiast

No Game of Thrones episode goes by without at least one naked body. You’re not the type to close your eyes at the sight of naked butts – in fact you’ve no problem with all the show’s nudity. Nope, no complaints here, whatsoever (oof, now that was a good butt).

4. The Sensitive, Faint of Heart

Contrary to type numbers 2 & 3, you’re really in it for the plot. You’ve probably mourned every character death – may or may not have cried at the Red Wedding, probably still heartbroken over it. You could definitely do without all the skin and gore, and if you so happen to close your eyes at these scenes, or fast forward them when you re-watch old episodes – well, it can’t be helped.

5. The Book Loyalist

You’ve read all the books, and you swear by all of them, that all the inaccuracies – and there are tons! – in the show are absolute abominations. Your friends might tire from your endless rants and extra trivia every episode, but you stand by the truth – George R.R. Martin’s novels are far superior than the TV series will ever be.

6. The Latecomer

Maybe it was the dragons that got you coming, or all the hype about the Red Wedding, or even Season 5. Whatever brought you into the fandom, you’re here now, and you’re here to stay, just as loyal as the Starks. You’re making up for it with some serious binge-watching sessions (and they can be stressful on the heart), but better late than never, as they say.

7. The Over Thinker

After each episode, teaser, and news update, you’re deep-diving into Reddit posts and fan blogs, mind buzzing with countless theories. Sleepless nights are no stranger to you – you can’t even remember how many of them you spent thinking of all the characters’ fates.

8. The Life of the Viewing Party

You’re the type who loves company – especially when it comes to watching such an intense series like the Game of Thrones. If you’re not a guest at a viewing party, you’re the one hosting, armed with snacks and drinks, and a steady commentary all-hour long.

9. The Loud Spoilsport

You love the Game of Thrones, and you like to make it known on all your social media accounts. If some (or all) of your live tweets contained spoilers for unfortunate slowpokes – well, at least now they’re prepared for the next major plot twist.

10. The Casual Non-Fan

You’re not exactly a fan – especially not of all the blood and nudity, or the endless scheming and killing – but everybody else is watching, so you might as well. Days are long and hard when everybody else is talking about the latest Game of Thrones update and you can’t relate. And if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Still one of those out of the loop? Now’s the perfect time to catch up on all the action.

Binge-watch all seasons of the Game of Thrones with the HBO GO app now available on free trial exclusive to SKY subscribers. You can also get in on more behind-the-scene stories and cast commentaries, available only on HBO GO.

Alternatively, you can join in on the GOT TV Marathons still happening on HBO and HBO Signature. You can check out the schedule here.

Don’t miss the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 8 on April 15, Monday at 9:00AM on HBO.

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Which type of Game of Thrones fan are you?
Die-Hard Fan
Bloodthirsty Fan
Sensitive, Faint of Heart
Book Loyalist
Life of the Viewing Party
Loud Spoilsport
Casual Non-Fan


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