Advisory on NBA Playoffs on SKY

April 21, 2017 08:59 PM

SKY understands the importance of the NBA Playoffs to its valued subscribers and continues to find ways in resolving the matter the soonest possible time. 

We assure our subscribers that SKY has been diligent in its rightful obligation for the carriage of all its channels.

It is regrettable that our NBA viewers have not been able to enjoy the games because of the unavailability of NBA Premium TV and BTV. 

Nevertheless, SKY remains committed to bring as many games of the NBA Playoffs on ABS-CBN Sports+Action that will air one to two games daily, Fox Sports with two games weekly, and ABS-CBN with one game weekly.  Starting April 20 (Thursday), the NBA games are now available on High Definition on the said channels for all SKYcable subscribers with HD digiboxes regardless of their plans. Updated schedules are posted here.

SKY apologizes to its subscribers for this unfortunate situation.


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