SKY Asks: Which 'Mom Figure' is your Mother?

April 29, 2021 04:44 PM

It's the season for moms to take center-stage! Time to treat our moms, mothers,mamitas,nanays,lolas, and more this Mother’s Day.

Before thinking of plans to surprise your moms this Mother's Day, we want to ask you first how much you know your mom and what SKY offering suits her personality and likes.

Here are some mother figures you can associate your lovely mom with, along with the perfect all-around entertainment treat to gift her from SKY:

1.) Breadwinner mom like Ina

Ina (Ai-Ai delas Alas) of "Ang Tanging Ina" is the epitome of a breadwinning mom—striving despite all hardships to cater to family needs while showering them with selfless love. Catch the "Ang Tanging Ina" movie series on iWantTFC via free regular access with a SKY subscription.

Treat your breadwinning mom to a reliable internet connection with SKY Fiber, now with unlimited broadband plans, perfect for her budding online business, uninterrupted content streaming for entertainment, contacting her loved ones, and much more!

2.) Warrior mom like Hippolyta

If Diana is the Wonder Woman, then Hippolyta is the Wonder Mom! The Queen of the Amazons proves not only to be a fierce warrior on the battlefield but also uses her godly strength to protect her family and the citizens of Themiscyra from the dangers of evil. Follow Hippolyta's valiant efforts as "Wonder Woman 1984" is now showing on HBO GO, best enjoyed with the super-fast speeds of SKY Fiber 80Mbps plan.

3.) 'Game on' mom like Cersei

Cersei Lannister, one of the most notable queens in "Game of Thrones," is among the show's fiercest figures—always competitive on the battlefield and bringing her "game-on" attitude to protect the Seven Kingdoms. Catch her ambitious pursuits for victory as all of its seasons are now available for streaming on HBO GO as part of its recent celebration of the "Iron Anniversary."

Got a game-on mom like Cersei? Level up your bonding experience with them and invite them for a game or two on SKY's newest gaming offering, "AirConsole," which lets you enjoy an array of multiplayer games for all ages without the need of breaking the bank. With a smartphone as a gamepad, and a smart TV, PC web browser, tablet, or SKY Evo box as the console, you can still experience immersive multiplayer gaming with the whole family.


4.) Animal-loving mom like Bindi Irwin

From an aspiring jungle girl to a full-fledged animal mom, Bindi Irwin treats lovable wildlife creatures as her children, just as her dad Steve. Just like Bindi, our animal-loving moms always have a soft spot for pets, whether it may be for her cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, fishes, and many more.

Show love to your animal-loving mom by following Bindi's journey into the wilderness and watching other wildlife-related shows on Animal Planet via SKYcable.

5.) Hands-on moms like Lee Il-Hwa, Ra Mi-Ran, and Kim Sun-Young

"Reply 1988" is undeniably one of Korea's most sought-after K-Dramas up to this day, not only for its stories of friendships and romance but also for its heart-warming scenes with the lead characters' parents, particularly with the show's mothers Lee Il-Hwa, Ra Mi-Ran, and Kim Sun-Young. They share a special bond with their respective children by being hands-on mothers supportive of their endeavors in life. The three moms are also close friends with each other, cherishing their companionship through ups and downs.

Give back to your hands-on mom like Lee Il-Hwa, Ra Mi-Ran, and Kim Sun-Young by catching all your favorite K-Dramas, including "Reply 1988," together on Viu, SKY's video-on-demand offering for the hottest Asian shows and films. Subscribe for only P99 a month and enjoy unlimited access to your favorite titles and comes with offline downloading to watch series and movies anytime and anywhere.

Whether your mom may be the breadwinner, the warrior, the animal lover, among others, show them your love and appreciation this Mother's Day by treating them with an all-around experience SKY has to offer.

For every mom, mother, mamita, nanay, lola, and more, there's a perfect SKY service suited for their daily needs.

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