CinemaWorld Film Festival

September 28, 2017 02:53 PM

5 international films.
5 critically-acclaimed directors.
All in 1 festival.

The first CinemaWorld Film Festival features a masterfully curated line-up of acclaimed directorial firsts by talented filmmakers across North America, Africa, and Europe. Each film has been lauded by critics and audiences alike at prestigious local film awards and international film festivals, including Venice, Locarno and Sundance.

Every Sunday, beginning October 1, at 9PM, embark on a worldwide cinematic journey of culture, language and history that will take you to Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, South Africa, Canada, and Italy.


A grieving divorcee develops an unorthodox relationship with a delinquent who evokes memories of her dead son. After he moves into her home, the pair is threatened by a violent gang that he was involved with as well as the escalating rage of her ex-husband. Through the tribulations, their relationship takes on new dimensions, forcing them to re-evaluate what each of them sought from their makeshift arrangement.

Premieres October 1, 9PM
October 2, 6AM
October 6, 8:20PM
October 7, 12:50PM
October 12, 10:15PM
October 13, 3:15PM
October 23, 7:20PM
October 24, 3:35PM

Country: Ireland
Language: English
Released: 2016
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Rebecca Daly
Starring: Rachel Griffiths, Barry Keoghan

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Take a trip down South Africa in this film with Basson, a young businessman who must journey to his father’s funeral in Cape Town within 5 days. Along the way, Basson meets and falls in love with bohemian girl Amory. Their trip however takes a turn for the worst when a dark figure with his own agenda catches up to them.

Premieres October 8, 9PM
October 9, 6AM
October 13, 8PM
October 14, 5:15PM
October 19, 10:35PM
October 20, 4:15PM
October 27, 11:35PM
October 28, 3:30PM

Country: South Africa
Language: Afrikaans
Released: 2014
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Directed by: Jaco Smit
Starring: Ivan Botha, Donnalee Roberts

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For years, no one knew why the father of the Leblanc family hung himself. But when eldest son David grows up and becomes a parent himself, he finally learns the truth of his father’s death that would rock the idyllic calm of his own family life. As the mystery unfolds, David is forced to confront the melancholy of his heavy past.

Premieres October 15, 9PM
October 16, 6AM
October 20, 8:10PM
October 21, 3:40PM
October 26, 10:35PM
October 27, 2:40PM

Country: Ireland
Language: English
Released: 2016
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Anne Émond
Starring: Maxim Gaudette, Karelle Tremblay

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15-year-old Sara is a beautiful girl born to a well-to-do family, with good grades and affectionate friends. But as her fears, anxieties and misunderstandings consume her, she retreats to an unhealthy obsession with her weight. While striving to achieve the ‘perfect 38’, a school trip misadventure forces her secrets to come to light.

Premieres October 22, 9PM
October 23, 6AM
October 27, 8:10AM
October 28, 11:30AM

Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Released: 2010
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Marco Pozzi
Starring: Benedetta Gargari, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Sonia Bergamasco

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A tragi-comic misunderstanding forces Alfonso the scientist to hide from mobsters. Penniless cricket player Gayan moves to Naples to seek paradise, but he gets intertwined in Alfonso’s business and a special friendship is born. With a mix of theatre, stop-motion animation and surreal video diorama, the duo muster the courage to face their fate and change their lives forever.

Premieres October 29, 9PM
October 30, 6:35AM

Country: Italy
Language: Italian, Sinhalese
Released: 2010
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Paola Randi
Starring: Gianfelice Imparato, Saman Anthony

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Where to Watch

Ch 184: Metro Manila, Camanava/Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan (San Jose Del Monte)
Ch 716: Cebu, Davao

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