Surf and watch using SKYmobi at LTE speed!

June 14, 2017 04:02 PM

Surf and stream faster and better with the new SKYMOBI LTE plans!

Cable fans in Metro Manila will now be able to watch the latest SKY on Demand shows at LTE speeds with the new SKYMOBI LTE plans 499, 999, and 1499.

Plan 499 offers 3GB of monthly data allowance* with free data access to Facebook, Messenger and Viber**. It also gives subscribers free 500MB monthly data allowance for SKY on Demand***, SKY’s online platform for watching cable content. There is a one-time P1,000 charge for the LTE pocket WiFi.

The pocket WiFi is free on Plan 999. This plan comes with a 6GB monthly data allowance* and with free access to Facebook, Messenger, and Viber** and SKY on Demand***.

The SKYMOBI LTE Plan 1499 is perfect for those with a big data appetite. It comes with 10GB monthly data allowance* and free data access to Facebook, Messenger and Viber**. There’s also free data access to SKY on Demand***. The pocket WiFi unit also come free with the plan.

Get the new SKYMOBI LTE Plans now.

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