SKY On Demand is the new online video streaming service exclusive to SKY subscribers. With SKY On Demand, SKY subscribers can catch up on their favorite shows, enjoy foreign and local live channels, and watch the biggest blockbusters on their TV, Computer, Tablet or Smartphone bringing you a true multiscreen experience *anytime, anywhere.

If you have an existing iWant TV subscription, you can use your iWant TV credentials to log in to SKY On Demand. Just by logging into SKY On Demand, you get a 60-day trial period of our video on demand content which includes blockbuster movies like Hulk, Transformers, Star Trek, Shrek, Bourne Identity, and a whole lot more! On top of that, we’ve added more live channels to SKY On Demand – you can access these as long as you have the channel in your SKYcable subscription and if you are accessing via a SKY Internet service: SKYbroadband or SKYmobi.

Starting October 1, 2015, we will allow only one user per account in order to give you better control and security of your account. Other users of the same account will no longer be able to log-in to SKY On Demand. Other users can still log in to iWantTV and watch the available local channels and shows from ABS-CBN.

How to login in 3 Steps

  1. Go to www.skyondemand.com.ph and log-in using your iWantTV username and password. You can also log-in on your smartphone by downloading the SKY On Demand mobile app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store.
  2. Select the SKY account to associate to your profile. We suggest that you use the account that is registered under your name.
  3. Verify your account by typing in the account holder’s last name. If you are the first user to log in with that SKY account, you will see a pop-up message notifying you that your 60-day free trial starts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔ Get recommendations based on what you’re watching
  • ✔ Smart Viewing: Resume where you left off from another device
  • ✔ Mark your favourite TV episodes and movies as favourite to create a customized play list
  • ✔ Get a playlist of your partially watched videos so you can continue any time
  • ✔ Catch up on your favorite shows on the big screen at home via the SKY On Demand digibox

The first to log in to SKY On Demand will see the screenshot below:

60-day free trial

If you and your family have different accounts on iWant TV and are using the same SKY Account numbers, everyone will still have access to SKY On Demand until October 1, 2015. The first to log in will see the screenshot above and this will already trigger the 60 day free trial period.

This means that your email address is already in the system. If you already have a registered iWant TV account associated with the email that you are using please log in with your existing iWant TV credentials. If you still encounter issues, please email skyserves@mysky.com.ph

A PIN is needed should you purchase content on your SKY On Demand account. You will need a PIN when making purchases. Please keep this safe as any purchases made with this PIN will be charged directly to your bill.

We would like to make your SKY On Demand account more secure and give you access to more content. Only 1 SKY On Demand account will be allowed per household regardless of the number of SKY services that a customer has. You can share your account access (username and password) to other members of the household if needed.

Reminder: People that know your account access and PIN will be able to purchase content on your SKY On Demand account. We recommend that only the primary decision maker (or bill payer) of the household have access to the PIN. If you need to change your PIN, please go to your account management profile on www.skyondemand.com.ph

To transfer your access to a different SKY On Demand account or a different email address you need to call the SKY customer hotline. You will be asked to verify your account details and once your account is confirmed then your SKY account will be disassociated from any existing SKY On Demand account. You can then register a new account or login using with an existing iWant TV account and input your SKY account number to get access to more content.

Reminder: Once you disassociate your SKY customer account on SKY On Demand other users that used the SKY account will no longer have access to any SKY On Demand content.

For new installation - Php2,499
Upgrade from existing SD Gold and Silver plan - Php1,399
Upgrade from existing bronze/below silver plan - Php2,499
Upgrade from existing HD subscription - Php999