5 Best Moments of Asia’s Got Talent Season 2

February 11, 2019 05:40 PM

The Got Talent franchise has grown into a treasure trove of both entertainment and inspiration, with people from various walks of life displaying the many wonderful feats that human beings can achieve.

With Asia’s Got Talent gathering people from all over the biggest continent in the world, it’s to be expected that there were many, many, many acts that left us breathless. Still, there will always be a few choice moments that stand out, like these 5 moments from Season 2.

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The Sacred Riana’s successful audition – with a little “help”

There’ve been many, many magicians who’ve taken the stage, dressed in tuxedoes, or street wear. But there might not be anyone who’s come in dressed like they came straight out of a horror movie, the way The Sacred Riana did. With each act creepier, bigger, and more impressive than the last, it’s no wonder that this Indonesian horror magician won the grand prize at Asia’s Got Talent Season 2.

Take a look at the first time The Sacred Riana took the stage, leaving the audience awed and scared, though probably not as scared as Anggun.

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Neil Rey Garcia Llanes making a major comeback as the Human Beat Box

First making a name for himself as the Human Beat Box in Season 1, Neil Rey Garcia Llanes made a major comeback in the Second Season, with an audition that was heaps better than his previous performances. By then, the judges had unfortunately used up all their golden buzzers. Still, Neil’s incredible talent and skill proved more than enough to carry him all the way to the finals.

Check out his audition performance from Episode 5:

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ADEM Dance Crew’s Night at the Museum Semi-Finals Skit

The boys from Kyrgyzstan who’d earned Jay Park’s Golden Buzzer, ADEM Dance Crew opened the Semi-Finals of Asia’s Got Talent Season 2 with yet another incredible performance. Already, the foursome had inspired plenty of awe – and no small amount of apprehension – from both the audience and judges with their body-breaking isolations.

For the Semi-Finals, the crew upped the ante by telling a comical story to their choreography, setting the standards at an all-time high for the rest of the acts.

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Urban Crew Flyers of the South spinning and flipping off the stage

These acrobatic dancers from Las Piñas blew everyone away with their incredible choreography in Episode 3 of Asia’s Got Talent Season 2. Each and every stage they performed throughout the season made them seem like they really were flying – flipping from incredible heights and sticking their landings with big impacts.

Despite a few tumbles, their teamwork and passionpushed them through all the way to the Grand Finals; continuing to improve their moves, and putting a spin on their choreography.

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DM-X Comvalenos Bringing Spice and Humor to the Grand Finals

Another source of Pinoy Pride, the amazing dancers of the DM-X Comvalenos performed with plenty of swag and pizazz worthy of a grand finalist. From the stages of Pilipinas Got Talent, to the grander, bigger ones at Asia’s Got Talent, the DM-X Comvalenos danced and flipped their hearts out all the way to the Grand Finals.

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