Catch the NBA 2018-19 Regular Season on SKY

October 28, 2018 10:06 AM

The NBA 2018-19 Regular Season is in full swing! Stephen Curry is setting new records early into the season, putting the Golden State Warriors in the lead at the Western Conference. Meanwhile, it seems the Cleveland Cavaliers are off to a rough start at 0-6, having to be without Kevin Love for a long while due to injury, on top of firing Coach Lue. 

Still, the season has only begun.

Track your favorite teams’ progress, and access more games this season with the NBA League Pass.

See the full schedule below:


Date Time Visitor/Neutral Home/Neutral Channel
31-Oct 7:30am Detroit Pistons Boston Celtics NBA Premium TV
31-Oct 7:00am Miami Heat Charlotte Hornets  
31-Oct 7:00am Atlanta Hawks Cleveland Cavaliers  
31-Oct 7:00am Sacramento Kings Orlando Magic  
31-Oct 7:30am Philadelphia 76ers Toronto Raptors BTV
31-Oct 8:00am Portland Trail Blazers Houston Rockets NBA Premium TV
31-Oct 8:00am Washington Wizards Memphis Grizzlies  
31-Oct 8:00am Los Angeles Clippers Oklahoma City Thunder BTV


Date Time Visitor/Neutral Home/Neutral Channel
01-Nov 7:30am Detroit Pistons Brooklyn Nets  
01-Nov 8:00am Denver Nuggets Chicago Bulls  
01-Nov 8:00am Utah Jazz Minnesota Timberwolves BTV
01-Nov 8:00am Indiana Pacers New York Knicks NBA Premium TV
01-Nov 10:30am New Orleans Pelicans Golden State Warriors  
01-Nov 10:30am Dallas Mavericks Los Angeles Lakers NBA Premium TV
01-Nov 10:30am San Antonio Spurs Phoenix Suns Fox Sports 1
02-Nov 7:00am Oklahoma City Thunder Charlotte Hornets  
02-Nov 7:00am Denver Nuggets Cleveland Cavaliers BTV
02-Nov 7:00am Los Angeles Clippers Philadelphia 76ers  
02-Nov 7:30am Sacramento Kings Atlanta Hawks  
02-Nov 8:00am Milwaukee Bucks Boston Celtics NBA Premium TV / ABS-CBN Sports+Action
02-Nov 10:30am New Orleans Pelicans Portland Trail Blazers NBA Premium TV
03-Nov 7:00am Los Angeles Clippers Orlando Magic  
03-Nov 7:30am Houston Rockets Brooklyn Nets Fox Sports 1
03-Nov 8:00am Indiana Pacers Chicago Bulls  
03-Nov 8:00am Oklahoma City Thunder Washington Wizards ABS-CBN
03-Nov 8:30am New York Knicks Dallas Mavericks  
03-Nov 9:00am Memphis Grizzlies Utah Jazz NBA Premium TV
03-Nov 10:00am Toronto Raptors Phoenix Suns BTV
03-Nov 10:30am Minnesota Timberwolves Golden State Warriors Fox Sports 1
04-Nov 1:00am Detroit Pistons Philadelphia 76ers  
04-Nov 7:00am Cleveland Cavaliers Charlotte Hornets  
04-Nov 7:00am Boston Celtics Indiana Pacers NBA Premium TV
04-Nov 7:30am Miami Heat Atlanta Hawks  
04-Nov 8:00am Houston Rockets Chicago Bulls BTV
04-Nov 8:30am New Orleans Pelicans San Antonio Spurs ABS-CBN Sports+Action
04-Nov 9:00am Utah Jazz Denver Nuggets  
04-Nov 10:00am Los Angeles Lakers Portland Trail Blazers NBA Premium TV
05-Nov 4:30am Sacramento Kings Milwaukee Bucks  
05-Nov 7:00am Philadelphia 76ers Brooklyn Nets BTV
05-Nov 7:00am New York Knicks Washington Wizards NBA Premium TV
05-Nov 8:00am Orlando Magic San Antonio Spurs  
05-Nov 9:00am Memphis Grizzlies Phoenix Suns  
05-Nov 10:00am Minnesota Timberwolves Portland Trail Blazers BTV
05-Nov 10:30am Toronto Raptors Los Angeles Lakers ABS-CBN Sports+Action / NBA Premium TV
06-Nov 9:00 AM Cleveland Cavaliers Orlando Magic  
06-Nov 9:00 AM Miami Heat Detroit Pistons NBA Premium TV
06-Nov 9:00 AM Houston Rockets Indiana Pacers  
06-Nov 9:30 AM Chicago Bulls New York Knicks  
06-Nov 10:00 AM New Orleans Pelicans Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Premium TV
06-Nov 11:00 AM Toronto Raptors Utah Jazz  
06-Nov 11:00 AM Boston Celtics Denver Nuggets BTV
06-Nov 11:30 PM Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors NBA Premium TV
06-Nov 11:30 PM Minnesota Timberwolves Los Angeles Clippers  
07-Nov 8:00 AM Atlanta Hawks Charlotte Hornets NBA Premium TV
07-Nov 9:30 AM Washington Wizards Dallas Mavericks BTV / NBA Premium TV
07-Nov 10:00 AM Brooklyn Nets Phoenix Suns  
07-Nov 11:00 AM Milwaukee Bucks Portland Trail Blazers NBA Premium TV
08-Nov 8:00 AM Oklahoma City Thunder Cleveland Cavaliers  
08-Nov 8:00 AM Detroit Pistons Orlando Magic  
08-Nov 8:30 AM New York Knicks Atlanta Hawks  
08-Nov 8:30 AM San Antonio Spurs Miami Heat  
08-Nov 9:00 AM Philadelphia 76ers Indiana Pacers  
08-Nov 9:00 AM Denver Nuggets Memphis Grizzlies  
08-Nov 9:00 AM Chicago Bulls New Orleans Pelicans  
08-Nov 10:00 AM Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz  
08-Nov 11:00 AM Toronto Raptors Sacramento Kings  
08-Nov 11:30 AM Minnesota Timberwolves Los Angeles Lakers  
09-Nov 11:30 AM Milwaukee Bucks Golden State Warriors  
09-Nov 9:00 AM Houston Rockets Oklahoma City Thunder  
09-Nov 10:00 AM Boston Celtics Phoenix Suns  
09-Nov 11:00 AM Los Angeles Clippers Portland Trail Blazers  
10-Nov 8:00 AM Washington Wizards Orlando Magic  
10-Nov 8:00 AM Charlotte Hornets Philadelphia 76ers  
10-Nov 8:30 AM Detroit Pistons Atlanta Hawks  
10-Nov 9:00 AM Indiana Pacers Miami Heat  
10-Nov 10:00 AM Brooklyn Nets Denver Nuggets  
10-Nov 10:30 AM Boston Celtics Utah Jazz  
10-Nov 11:00 AM Minnesota Timberwolves Sacramento Kings  
11-Nov 9:00 AM Cleveland Cavaliers Chicago Bulls  
11-Nov 10:00 AM Oklahoma City Thunder Dallas Mavericks  
11-Nov 9:30 AM Brooklyn Nets Golden State Warriors  
11-Nov 4:30 AM Milwaukee Bucks Los Angeles Clippers  
11-Nov 9:00 AM Philadelphia 76ers Memphis Grizzlies  
11-Nov 9:00 AM Washington Wizards Miami Heat  
11-Nov 8:00 AM Phoenix Suns New Orleans Pelicans  
11-Nov 11:00 AM Los Angeles Lakers Sacramento Kings  
11-Nov 9:30 AM Houston Rockets San Antonio Spurs  
11-Nov 4:00 AM New York Knicks Toronto Raptors  
12-Nov 9:00 AM Milwaukee Bucks Denver Nuggets  
12-Nov 4:30 AM Charlotte Hornets Detroit Pistons  
12-Nov 8:00 AM Indiana Pacers Houston Rockets  
12-Nov 10:30 AM Atlanta Hawks Los Angeles Lakers  
12-Nov 8:30 AM Orlando Magic New York Knicks  
12-Nov 10:00 AM Boston Celtics Portland Trail Blazers  
13-Nov 9:00 AM Dallas Mavericks Chicago Bulls  
13-Nov 11:30 AM Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Clippers  
13-Nov 9:00 AM Utah Jazz Memphis Grizzlies  
13-Nov 8:30 AM Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat  
13-Nov 9:00 AM Brooklyn Nets Minnesota Timberwolves  
13-Nov 9:00 AM Phoenix Suns Oklahoma City Thunder  
13-Nov 11:00 AM San Antonio Spurs Sacramento Kings  
13-Nov 8:30 AM New Orleans Pelicans Toronto Raptors  
13-Nov 8:00 AM Orlando Magic Washington Wizards  
14-Nov 8:00 AM Charlotte Hornets Cleveland Cavaliers  
14-Nov 10:00 AM Houston Rockets Denver Nuggets  
14-Nov 11:30 AM Atlanta Hawks Golden State Warriors  
15-Nov 8:30 AM Chicago Bulls Boston Celtics  
15-Nov 8:30 AM Miami Heat Brooklyn Nets  
15-Nov 9:30 AM Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks  
15-Nov 11:30 AM Portland Trail Blazers Los Angeles Lakers  
15-Nov 9:00 AM Memphis Grizzlies Milwaukee Bucks  
15-Nov 9:00 AM New Orleans Pelicans Minnesota Timberwolves  
15-Nov 9:00 AM New York Knicks Oklahoma City Thunder  
15-Nov 8:00 AM Philadelphia 76ers Orlando Magic  
15-Nov 10:00 AM San Antonio Spurs Phoenix Suns  
15-Nov 8:30 AM Detroit Pistons Toronto Raptors  
15-Nov 8:00 AM Cleveland Cavaliers Washington Wizards  
16-Nov 10:00 AM Atlanta Hawks Denver Nuggets  
16-Nov 9:00 AM Golden State Warriors Houston Rockets  
16-Nov 11:30 AM San Antonio Spurs Los Angeles Clippers  
17-Nov 8:00 AM Toronto Raptors Boston Celtics  
17-Nov 8:00 AM Miami Heat Indiana Pacers  
17-Nov 9:00 AM Sacramento Kings Memphis Grizzlies  
17-Nov 10:30 AM Chicago Bulls Milwaukee Bucks  
17-Nov 9:00 AM Portland Trail Blazers Minnesota Timberwolves  
17-Nov 9:00 AM New York Knicks New Orleans Pelicans  
17-Nov 8:00 AM Utah Jazz Philadelphia 76ers  
17-Nov 8:00 AM Brooklyn Nets Washington Wizards  
18-Nov 8:30 AM Utah Jazz Boston Celtics  
18-Nov 7:00 AM Los Angeles Clippers Brooklyn Nets  
18-Nov 9:00 AM Toronto Raptors Chicago Bulls  
18-Nov 8:00 AM Philadelphia 76ers Charlotte Hornets  
18-Nov 9:30 AM Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks  
18-Nov 9:00 AM Sacramento Kings Houston Rockets  
18-Nov 8:00 AM Atlanta Hawks Indiana Pacers  
18-Nov 8:00 AM Denver Nuggets New Orleans Pelicans  
18-Nov 8:00 AM Los Angeles Lakers Orlando Magic  
18-Nov 10:00 AM Oklahoma City Thunder Phoenix Suns  
19-Nov 7:00 AM Los Angeles Lakers Miami Heat  
19-Nov 4:30 AM Memphis Grizzlies Minnesota Timberwolves  
19-Nov 7:00 AM New York Knicks Orlando Magic  
19-Nov 8:00 AM Golden State Warriors San Antonio Spurs  
19-Nov 7:00 AM Portland Trail Blazers Washington Wizards  
20-Nov 8:30 AM Los Angeles Clippers Atlanta Hawks  
20-Nov 8:00 AM Boston Celtics Charlotte Hornets  
20-Nov 8:00 AM Cleveland Cavaliers Detroit Pistons  
20-Nov 8:00 AM Utah Jazz Indiana Pacers  
20-Nov 9:00 AM Dallas Mavericks Memphis Grizzlies  
20-Nov 9:00 AM Denver Nuggets Milwaukee Bucks  
20-Nov 9:00 AM San Antonio Spurs New Orleans Pelicans  
20-Nov 8:00 AM Phoenix Suns Philadelphia 76ers  
20-Nov 11:00 AM Oklahoma City Thunder Sacramento Kings  
21-Nov 8:30 AM Brooklyn Nets Miami Heat  
21-Nov 8:30 AM Portland Trail Blazers New York Knicks  
21-Nov 8:00 AM Toronto Raptors Orlando Magic  
21-Nov 8:00 AM Los Angeles Clippers Washington Wizards  
22-Nov 8:30 AM Toronto Raptors Atlanta Hawks  
22-Nov 8:30 AM New York Knicks Boston Celtics  
22-Nov 9:00 AM Phoenix Suns Chicago Bulls  
22-Nov 8:00 AM Indiana Pacers Charlotte Hornets  
22-Nov 9:00 AM Los Angeles Lakers Cleveland Cavaliers  
22-Nov 9:30 AM Brooklyn Nets Dallas Mavericks  
22-Nov 11:30 AM Oklahoma City Thunder Golden State Warriors  
22-Nov 9:00 AM Detroit Pistons Houston Rockets  
22-Nov 9:00 AM Portland Trail Blazers Milwaukee Bucks  
22-Nov 9:00 AM Denver Nuggets Minnesota Timberwolves  
22-Nov 8:00 AM New Orleans Pelicans Philadelphia 76ers  
22-Nov 9:30 AM Memphis Grizzlies San Antonio Spurs  
22-Nov 10:00 AM Sacramento Kings Utah Jazz  
24-Nov 8:30 AM Boston Celtics Atlanta Hawks  
24-Nov 1:00 AM Minnesota Timberwolves Brooklyn Nets  
24-Nov 9:00 AM Miami Heat Chicago Bulls  
24-Nov 10:00 AM Orlando Magic Denver Nuggets  
24-Nov 8:00 AM Houston Rockets Detroit Pistons  
24-Nov 11:30 AM Portland Trail Blazers Golden State Warriors  
24-Nov 9:00 AM San Antonio Spurs Indiana Pacers  
24-Nov 4:30 AM Memphis Grizzlies Los Angeles Clippers  
24-Nov 11:30 AM Utah Jazz Los Angeles Lakers  
24-Nov 9:30 AM Phoenix Suns Milwaukee Bucks  
24-Nov 8:30 AM New Orleans Pelicans New York Knicks  
24-Nov 9:00 AM Charlotte Hornets Oklahoma City Thunder  
24-Nov 8:30 AM Cleveland Cavaliers Philadelphia 76ers  
24-Nov 8:30 AM Washington Wizards Toronto Raptors  
25-Nov 8:30 AM Houston Rockets Cleveland Cavaliers  
25-Nov 9:30 AM Boston Celtics Dallas Mavericks  
25-Nov 9:30 AM Sacramento Kings Golden State Warriors  
25-Nov 9:30 AM San Antonio Spurs Milwaukee Bucks  
25-Nov 9:00 AM Chicago Bulls Minnesota Timberwolves  
25-Nov 9:00 AM Denver Nuggets Oklahoma City Thunder  
25-Nov 9:00 AM New Orleans Pelicans Washington Wizards  
26-Nov 7:00 AM Charlotte Hornets Atlanta Hawks  
26-Nov 7:00 AM Philadelphia 76ers Brooklyn Nets  
26-Nov 5:00 AM Phoenix Suns Detroit Pistons  
26-Nov 4:30 AM Orlando Magic Los Angeles Lakers  
26-Nov 7:00 AM New York Knicks Memphis Grizzlies  
26-Nov 10:00 AM Los Angeles Clippers Portland Trail Blazers  
26-Nov 7:30 AM Utah Jazz Sacramento Kings  
26-Nov 7:00 AM Miami Heat Toronto Raptors  
27-Nov 9:00 AM San Antonio Spurs Chicago Bulls  
27-Nov 8:00 AM Milwaukee Bucks Charlotte Hornets  
27-Nov 8:00 AM Minnesota Timberwolves Cleveland Cavaliers  
27-Nov 11:30 AM Orlando Magic Golden State Warriors  
27-Nov 9:00 AM Boston Celtics New Orleans Pelicans  
27-Nov 10:00 AM Indiana Pacers Utah Jazz  
27-Nov 8:00 AM Houston Rockets Washington Wizards  
28-Nov 10:00 AM Los Angeles Lakers Denver Nuggets  
28-Nov 8:00 AM New York Knicks Detroit Pistons  
28-Nov 9:00 AM Toronto Raptors Memphis Grizzlies  
28-Nov 8:30 AM Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat  
28-Nov 10:00 AM Indiana Pacers Phoenix Suns  
29-Nov 8:30 AM Utah Jazz Brooklyn Nets  
29-Nov 8:00 AM Atlanta Hawks Charlotte Hornets  
29-Nov 9:00 AM Dallas Mavericks Houston Rockets  
29-Nov 11:30 AM Phoenix Suns Los Angeles Clippers  
29-Nov 9:00 AM Chicago Bulls Milwaukee Bucks  
29-Nov 9:00 AM San Antonio Spurs Minnesota Timberwolves  
29-Nov 9:00 AM Washington Wizards New Orleans Pelicans  
29-Nov 9:00 AM Cleveland Cavaliers Oklahoma City Thunder  
29-Nov 8:00 AM New York Knicks Philadelphia 76ers  
29-Nov 11:00 AM Orlando Magic Portland Trail Blazers  
30-Nov 11:30 AM Indiana Pacers Los Angeles Lakers  
30-Nov 11:30 AM Los Angeles Clippers Sacramento Kings  
30-Nov 9:00 AM Golden State Warriors Toronto Raptors  


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