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One SKY Lite 999

Affordable bundles with fast internet plus HD cable TV and mobile internet.


Connection Type: broadband

8Mbps internet at HD cable TV
Ang super sulit bundle para sa buong pamilya!


Fiber-powered na Broadband up to 8Mbps

HD Cable TV with 6 HD channels

8Mbps can be enjoyed for the first 40GB worth of data every month which will alow you to:

Upload up to 500 medium-sized photos on Social Media
Stream up to 16 hours of 480p videos
Stream up to 55 3-minute
Browse and visit up to 1,200 web pages

Upon full consumption of your data allowance, maaari ka pa ring mag-enjoy ng unlimited 1Mbps internet.
Average speed of 3.3 Mbps
Minimum speed of 330kbps, 80% reliability.

Lock-in period: 24 months
Pre-term fee: P4,000


P 999.00/mo.

One time installation fee of P1799.


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